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    I have just had the same problem. Luckily I knew it was not the USB adapter, but it was a PC I have not used before. I also tried a few times and got the same error. So then I went into "this PC" and went to the USB. I clicked on that and the PC updated the USB port. It took a few minutes. After that I tried again and everything worked perfectly. I was able to update 2 x PBR 9's, a PBR8E and a PBR 7.

    So I think Rudolf may be right.

    Good luck.



    Not yet, I am waiting for my friend to update his Jeti software and then we will check. I will let you know once we've done that.

    Thanks again for the info.


    Hi Jan,

    a friend uses Jeti as well and we found out that it depends on the Jeti-RX. You need to change the outcoming signal to s-bus and plug it into the core. We tried a 5ch-receiver first, but this did not work. Then we changed to a 6ch-RX and this one worked fine. There is no other equipment required. Just plug and play.



    Thank you for that, very helpful indeed.



    A friend of mine want me to help him on buddy box with one of his models. He uses Jeti, I will install a PB receiver in his plane and setup on my CORE; can we then use one of his Jeti receivers into the CORE? I don't know if Jeti uses S-Bus.



    I don't have a twin turbine model, but reading your detailed explanation was so good. It is not often that this level of detail is explained this well on a forum. I believe it will be much appreciated by guys who need to utilise it for their twin models.

    Well done!


    The or a similar topic was already up for discussion here ...

    Jerking when switching the flight phases

    I have read that thread, but I don't believe Yalpoon has the problem as it seem to me that he is not using a FM.

    This problem has happened to me as well and I don't use FM at all. The other difference with me is that I use one of the slider controls on the side of the transmitter to operate the flaps. This allows me to put in as much flaps as I need. But I also get the same twitch when I move between the centre and the one end position. Like Yalpoon, it twitches as I start to move from the centre position. I will also add that I have no trim programmed on my flaps.



    Agree with you. But what has become obvious to me is that I cannot simply place my PB receivers and their antennas in the same positions as I had the Futaba receivers and antennas. My observation has now been borne out a few times since I have converted 25 models from Futaba to Core.


    So in my case the installations are not new, but existing, the only difference has been the change of receivers!


    To POWERBOX team,

    a bad weekend, "I lost control of the plane, and then I can only watch my plane crash."

    I switched from FUTABA to CORE. This has never happened in the time I have used FUTABA for so long. This kind of thing, and I quite like the T18 MZ, and I am very familiar with the operation of the 18 MZ. 6 months ago I made a lot of determination to switch from FUTABA to CORE, because CORE is characterized by "extreme anti-interference, real 2.4 G redundancy, extremely long range, and made in Germany, I believe that CORE can make every flight of mine land safely, but, it often sends out alarms (LQI is too low) which makes me unable to trust it, so although I have CORE has been 6 months, I still dare not use it to operate my large turbine aircraft.

    I have doubts about my CORE, whether it is defective, why it often emits weakened signals, and what caused this time. I have completely lost control. Can I read the cause of the crash from the flight log? I sincerely hope that the POWERBOX team will pay attention to this incident and help me regain my trust in CORE. Thank you

    I can sympathise with you - also came over from Futaba after many years with absolutely rock solid link to my models, to PB Core, and suffered a very unexpected loss of control. Thankfully my model survived.

    My experience has taught me two things; you have to position the PB receiver antennas very carefully and make sure to stay away from carbon fibre, other cables and batteries. The PB installation far more critical than what Futaba ever was. In fact, if you can, route the antennas outside the fuselage. Second, when you suffer lost frames and reduced LQI, move the receivers and reposition the antennas. You have to continue to try and improve the reception. The second thing; never be in a rush when you are switching on. Wait for the CORE to boot up properly. Then keep it at least 1 to 2 meters away from the model when you switch on the model. Again wait until everything has booted and bound completely before you start up and fly.

    Just my 2cents.



    I understand what you mean. But I think the end points should be more of a fixed position that take slightly more to move away from. The center position is good and if the end points can be like that I will be very happy.



    Please can you help me with a small problem.

    Most of my installations are 2 x 26D receivers into a PB Competition/Mercury/Royal SRS unit and when I try to update them from the CORE, I always have one that needs to be rescued. Why is this?

    1. Is it because both receivers are bound to the CORE when I do the update?

    2. Should I unplug one receiver and only have one bound when I do the update?

    3. Then if I have to do a rescue of one, do I only plug that receiver into the PB unit?

    To avoid this problem I have removed the receivers completely from the model and updated them from my PC with the PB Terminal and then re-installed them again in my model. But of course I realise that this should not be necessary if I did it correctly from the CORE.



    I have done that and tightened the set screw on each side. It did not help. All that happens, the slider movement becomes tighter, but the slider still don't remain 'locked-in' at the two end positions. I believe the end positions should feel more like the centre position - secure. It is too easy for the slider to move from the end position with very little effort. It should be like a 3-position switch, with smooth movement between the end-centre-end positions.

    Hope you can perhaps create a slider that can be offered as an optional extra which will have that feel.


    I find that the sliders on my CORE very easily move away from the end positions. The centre position is very good, but when the sliders are at the two end positions, they move away without me touching them. How can I make sure they don't move away from the end positions by themselves:?: