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    No both are correct. Gear in C and doors in F. Should the Jetronics dual action valves be left in factory default? Richard if I set up the gear and then move on to the doors in port F and set that function and press ok then go out and try it I loose the setting in F and it reads o. I will try to get hold of Adam at PB

    America's and see if he can walk me though the set up.

    Ok so what I have now is the gear and the doors are backwards. When selecting gear up (mode1) the doors close and then the gear. When selecting gear down the gear cycles down but before the doors. I just need to have, doors open gear down, gear up doors close. Now it is gear down doors open. doors close gear up.

    Is there a way in the PB to reverse the sequence?

    I have my Jet Power valves plugged into the Mercury. One for the gear in "C" and one for the doors in "F". I can get the gear to cycle, and I can get the doors to cycle but they are at the same time. How do I get them to work as per MODE 1? The transmitter is a Jeti DC-16.

    Thank you. This actually does not offer any help. Please review my questions .

    1- I asked that how do I reverse the servo. Received no answer.
    2- Flap set-up. What he is advising is the vague version of what you have as addendum for Royal which it seems as everyone is having issue with.
    Richard more clarification would be helpful for the customer.
    He has tried to log in but was unsuccessful so I am passing on the questions to you.

    . I have installed the Powebox Competition in a large Futura jet and was trying to program the radio with JR PCM 10X – flight mode switch. All went well except the flaps. The left flap (Servo 1) works fine. But the right flap (Servo 2) does not work.

    1- I had problem reversing the servo. Can you please advise the step by step procedure for reversing the servo.
    2- I cannot get the flap to come to Neutral position (no flap), take off and landing flap. Finally by accident I got to work in takeoff flap but the servo has no power in any other position.

    RIchard I am having the same problem as Doug with regards to the initializing. I was able to do A but when I go to B and reset then try to learn the center and end points I get nothing. I went back to A and redid it to see and i was again able to get the center and end points ok so I saved them and tried B again, but nothing. It then tried C but nothing there either.
    I made sure my travels and limits were all without no limits. The strange thing is I just finished another plane and it worked without a hitch.

    Using a Futaba 8FG radio and i was wondering if the frame rate on the tx of 14 is ok to use with this PB as it states a frame rate of 15 for the Competition SRS?

    The technical problem to I have, is a different volts in Royal Power Box.
    • With PowerBox Royal, I have connect the PowerBox Info Display, the BlackBox sensorSwitch, two batteries 7524PB 7.4v 5200mah and two sentinel Leeds. Everything works ok, except the display volts in the PowerBox Info Display.
    • I charger the batteries with your PPD-21070, everything is ok.
    • I am check the volts of the batteries is about 8,4 volts, with your test meter, and other volts meters, is ok.
    • Now this batteries connect to the PowerBox Royal, the PowerBox Info Display 7.1 volts in both batteries, about. And the VREG. (regulated volts indicates 5.4 v about.
    • The sensor leeds, starts to by ON in about 6.9 volts (PowerBox Info Display) but,
    • I check the volts in the yellow connectors of the batteries and his multiplex connectors, the volts is 8.1 about, and the out volts of the Royal Power Box and the servos channels is 5.85 = is ok.
    • The two DIP switches I have in 5.9 volts in the PowerBox Royal.

    Can you explain to me what is the mistake? or what is the problem?

    Dimitrios K.