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    I have a powerbox smokepump
    when i put power to to the pump it just start running??
    when i put the reciver on i can increse the rpm a little bit!!
    but i just running when i put power on!!!

    What to do? I only hear the "melody" once... now no melody and just running...


    I have just updated my igyro and everything works fine..
    The Avanti is now ready for the first flight.

    Thanx for helping me out.

    Henrik - DK


    I am going to a airmeeting the 2. April where my Avanti should have the first flight...
    so i hope we can fix it before that. ;)


    Sorry :| I did not think it was important because the failsafe regards the reciver, powerbox or transmitter
    but offcouse the signal goes through the Igyro :roll:

    The Igyro is updated to vers. 22 and set to Jeti EX


    Hi again

    I found out that is was only one reciver that was bind to the transmitter
    now i have both reciver binded (double Path).

    But that dident help the problem!!
    but now I see the number on "Holds" count up to 99 when i turn off the transmitter...

    but the servo still freaks out when i put the rudder or the throttle in "failsafe teach mode" and turn off the transmitter??

    Any suggustions?



    What do you mean with "FLIGHT LOG SCREEN" ?? is it on the powerbox and what menu??
    Is it in the powerbox i have to turn off the transnitter failsafe some where??

    The Failsafe is "disaple" when i go to the Rsat in my transmitter...

    But now when i press "teach failsafe" and i turn of the transmitter the servo freaks out (jitter)


    My sattelite is "off" in Failsafe...

    I also tried to put Powerbox on hold on every channel and do the
    failsafe from the sattelite and that does not work.

    Hmmm... any ideas?

    Hi i have a isue with my failsafe!

    My throttle is on channel 4
    when i change from HD (hold) to FS
    and go to "Failsafe learn" (it says Failsafe save)
    then it is still on hold??

    What do i do wrong

    I have 2 dublex Rsat to the Powerbox with EX-bus



    I needed the 16 channels so i use the ex-bus option and it
    Works very fine.

    But i would like to use telemetri but the ext port is busy!!
    Can i use the ext expander ??

    (Tried to Write in Jeti forum but no answer!!)


    Thanx again for reply... ;)

    Just tried to update Rsat2 to version 3.23 But i still dont get the UDI selection!!
    Only PPM and EX Bus??

    The Only thing that works Is Jeti PPM in the igyro and the PPM and EX Bus in the transmitter???


    ok now i am a little confused :(

    Everything is updated...(Powerbox and Igyro vers. 22) but nothing works now!

    My transmitter has the option (Rsat2) outputmode in Device Explorer: PPM Positive : PPM Negative : EX BUS

    My Cockpit SRS has the Option: DSM2 : DSM X : DSM X 18K : M-Link : S-BUS : Jeti PPM : JETI EX : JETI UDI : HOTT : JR XBUS

    My Igyro Has all the same options? I have tried many different setup with no luck (only the jeti offcourse)

    The 2 x Rsat2 is still connected to the BUS1 and the Bus2 in the igyro!

    Hmmm What to do?

    Regards Henrik


    When i put the cockpit in S-Bus and the Igyro in PPM then it works...
    with the transmitter in PPM Positive but also in EX Bus !!

    I dont have the UDI option in the transmitter...??