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    Funny you mention that...I am seriously considering it, but have so much invested with Spektrum I decided to try the IX20 for now.

    The Core definitely has my attention in the near future 😎👍

    They have a few Receivers that are SRXL2, eventually all of them will be SRXL2. It's too bad they wont be compatible with powerbox in the future, I like using powerbox equipment ☹


    the only way is the TM1000. Unfortunately Horizon discontinued this module!

    Will the New SRXL2 protocol be implemented into powerbox? Then we could use the new Telemetry RX as an replacement for the TM1000🤔

    Hello Richard

    Just checking on my batteries from powerbox America?

    I believe Adam sent them to you. Just checking if they arrived as I know you were at Joe Nail .


    can I send you my 3200 LiFE packs for exchange of cells ?

    Do you need proof of purchase? I bought from DreamWorks RC in the USA and cant find my receipt....

    My LiFe packs are 4 years old now.

    So my charger is ok taking the packs down to 4v ?

    Can I charge the packs through the MPX end with my charger ?

    Will they still balance that way ?

    Or do I have you use the PB charger ?

    I would like to test one more time before I send them in to you...ok...

    my charger has a cutoff voltage of 4V on a 2 cell life..

    After I fully charged the packs with the PB charger I did a discharge. My charger took the packs down to 4v. Did I just ruin the pack?

    Total Mah that the charger said was only 1900Mah ...

    That's only around 60% with the voltage down to 4v.

    Unless my charger is not correct.

    So a safe cutoff you say for LiFe is 2.75 per cell?



    I have a set of 3200 Life packs that have worked perfectly over the last 4 years.

    How can I check the Mah health on these packs?

    Discharge at 1000mah ?

    To what cutoff voltage ?

    Mah taken out?



    Received my new screen and all works perfect!

    I mailed the old screen Monday July 23 Express air. You should have it shortly for testing !

    Thanks you for the Great Support !

    This was in the can see the lines starting at the bottom of the screen...

    Outside in the sunlight it gets worse.

    Hello Richard

    I have noticed over the last year when my screen is exposed to sunlight it gets lines through it and is very hard to read. Somedays even some pixels are missing combined with the lines its impossible to read.

    This flying season it's really bad.

    Have you come across this before?

    OK makes sense. .


    Did you change the gain set for the controls?

    I am sure they automatically were set to 100% assist off..

    Now it only shows 68 assist off

    I used the test fly assist on the ground as a test.

    VT -------

    Airspeed factor is 4..

    Gain is rate at 100%

    Flight mode 3

    Control surface--------

    Airspeed factor is 3

    Gain is rate at 68%

    Flight mode 3

    I thought the test fly assist was to change airspeed factor to 5 on VT and Control surfaces ( sure I read somewhere)

    Also change gain too 100% rate on control surface.

    Or do I have to make these changes myself??


    I am thinking of buying the new Jeti DS24 for use with my Royal SRS v xx.7. How many channels will be available? Is .7 the latest factory update?

    Also on my mercury will I have 15 ch?


    I would like to make a base and mount the igyro on top of the turbine pump. I attached two photos. Do you think there will be a concern having the igyro that close to the pump?


    • 20170131_201550.png
    • 20170131_201513.png

    I think I was able to fiqure out how to stop the "over travel" of a delta setup. I used the servo matching in the Mercury. Is that how you would have done it?
    What a very nice Feature!!!!