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    Really, you guys have a big problem with your support, really hard to navigate, you have to realize the beginner is lost, because you guys think every one knows every thing.
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    HI, how do I get more than 12 channels on the Royal SRS, I need another for my brakes. When I go into the outmapping, the channels have all Gyro functions left, I need a direct 13 , help.

    HI Richard, by luck, I set up the nose door with the Electron nose gear. I would like to reduce the travel on port J for the servo operating the air valve the servo has too much travel. I tought I set it up on X4 on my DX 18, but travel adjust, does nothing. . What controls port J on the PB. I used the Door assistant.


    HI, the problem I have setting up the initializing of the flaps is, some times I do not get the proper spacing of the 3 vertical bars on the graph. The first 2 always works, but the third bar ends up above or below the center bar, this has happened many times on 2 RRS Power boxes.( I think this is happening because I am not waiting long enough for the servo to travel to the next point)

    Also I get a slight movement and servo buzz from the nose gear servo when I move the flap switch to the center position, but it stops when I go to the trim Setup and put the Rudder to Common.

    Also I do not have any problems setting up initializing on other channels, could it be the flap channel does not like the 150 servo travel on initializing.

    I did finally get the 3 bars on the 150 servo travel initializing and then reversed one servo at 125 travel and then set up the 3 position flap channel at 100 % travel, all works , but do not trust the flap channel.

    I think their might be some thing wrong with the DX 18.

    HI, I think I know where you are going, since one flap servo must be reversed, I should iniltialize the flap channel at 150 % travel, then reverse the one servo, and then set the travel to 100% or less, with mid flaps in the center travel.

    Did I temperately over current draw from the one matched channel slot, will it reset.


    Hi Richard, this weekend at Winamac Jet rally in the USA, I was flying my 2.5 Futura with a RRS Royal. I put the flaps down late on down leg and at base corner, one flap on the matched channel failed, I saved the jet and landed with no flaps.

    Minutes later in the pits the port for one flap was dead, minutes later it worked, and now works, should I move the 2 flap servos to the unused matched slots, or send the Royal in for repair. Do the channels reset them selves after a high load.


    HI, really not happy with the instructions on the Power Box SRS, is that why their is so many questions, maybe the people that designed the PB should not write the instructions , cause they know the answers, they should get people that know nothing and see how far they can go, before they are stumped.
    I have set up the PB srs, but now, need to set up the gyro and no info in the PB, no direction, no nothing in the PB for the Gyro, what's up.And what is GY aleron, GY elevator, not in the instrutions.

    Hi Richard, I would like to have 2 settings for noranal gain, no head lock, I can not do this with my DX18, 3 position switch, as I always have - 0 +.
    I used my I-pad last night to get into the gyro program, I uploaded the new version also. I do not see where to disconnect head lock.
    All I want is high 58, low 48 and off.