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    My smoke pump has stopped working, I have had it from new in the model for just over a year and it has had less than 2 gallons of smoke oil through it.
    I don't use it that often and went to use for the first time this year at the weekend, It primed and worked ok on the ground but not in the air.
    All it does now is the led will flash red and green in standby and go green when powered up but no beeps can be heard.
    Can I send it in for repair




    One of my sparkswitches has started to turn its self off resulting in a couple of deadstick landings.
    It has worked fine for 2 years with no problems, after one of the deadstick landings I noticed it wasn't activating properly so I changed one of the endpoints and all seemed ok for one flight but on the next flight I had another deadstick after both of these I noticed the sparkswitch was off but would switch on when I activated it.
    The endpoint settings for this switch was 35% - 85% (1666ms - 1163ms)pulse I have read on another post that the switch should operate on 1500ms -1100ms (safety mode), I have changed the endpoints to achieve these pulses but the unit does not respond to them it will only respond to a pulse of 1645ms a endpoint of 30% or higher.
    I have another of theses switches in another model and the settings on that are 10% -140% (1562ms-953ms), I have tried setting the endpoints on this switch to achieve 1500ms-1100ms and this switch works fine.
    I have just bought another of these units for my next project and this one works on the correct pulses so I have swapped it out for the old one and was wondering should I have this unit checked out before reusing it or should I just throw it