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    Update: All looks good now.

    I have tested failure of each or two REX and backup is good.

    One odd thing if I fail the primary REX, Ii do not see the signal indication of the second 2.4 REX but it is working, This maybe my configuration of output!

    Thanks for your help with this process, appreciated. BR David

    Further info:

    I have reconnected the enlink, flashed to PPM to both the Second REX and the 900.

    All are visible on the TX. But the PB shows FS.

    If i pull the power to the second REX on the enlink, both REX rx 1 and 2 are no longer visible on the TX and the system is running on 900 backup.

    I am using duel path.

    Br D


    Thanks for the reply, I had followed your instructions originally, but I am sure there is something i haven't grasped yet.

    I have two REX 3 RX and a 900 all bound and seen by my radio.

    I can connect my Primary REX 3 to Mercury rx 1 and model function is ok.

    If i try to connect the second REX 2 to rx 2 it is not seen but the mercury shows FS ( Failsafe)

    Surely the Mercury can see both REX RX or should?

    I believe this is the issue why the enlink does not work. How does Mercury switch rx should it see all??

    Here is the strange bit if i connect the 900, the Mercury does see it and work fine even in 900 mode.

    What have i done wrong or missed?

    Br David


    But strange with out using the enlink one REX 3 as Primary and second REX 2RX I Box still does not see second RX.

    But if i connect 900 direct to 2 then it does see it.

    Does the PB Mercury expect to see two RX UDI?

    Cheers D

    I have been frustrating with trying to get enlink SR2 with REX 7 and 900 Mhz on my second Rx channel.

    The Mercury does not even show the second RX even if directly connected and with out the enlink.

    My number 1 channel RX is fine.

    Any pointers welcomed.

    Cheers David

    My Spark switch has stared working intermittently. Any ideas?

    Switch turns on ok, but may take several cycles to turn off. Could this be to do with range of switch?


    Can two RX3 Jeti Rx be bound at the same time?

    Does the RS-900 also connect and bind via the TELE port?

    Br David


    This is V6. I lift nose an olny got about two bars, lifting the tail and balancing on the nose eventially got all the bars, but why are the ailrons confussed with the elevator?

    I guees this also means i have to run the assistant again?

    That did not work in this case and I could only get full defection by lift the tail, which seemed odd? My concern is have i wrongly orientated the box?