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    I have the problem that control surfaces is jerk some time like every 30 secund. i had try diffrent settings in ms and also try auto in output period.
    know i use this settinge but still have the problem
    - Output mode: UDI Bus
    - Output period: 14ms
    - Failsafe: Disabled

    I have try to disconnect the Igyro and only use reciver. f I do like that the problem is solved. but i will like to use the Igyro SRS.

    I have problem with the Jeti Mgps for the telemetry to my DS16. What i understand I could use the EnLink 2RS and connect the jeti Mgps and the Igyro and then to the ext in the R14ex reciver, but I still get no data to my transmitter. is it necessary to do any change in the reciver. Does it metter if iI use UDI or PPM signal?