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    Hi Richard and Rudolf,

    Similar problem. I tried to update two Competition SRS’s V0.22 to latest version V0.28. Connection was USB to computer and other end to the TELE port left side. Power to the device was from two batteries ( Powerbox 4000 mah LIPO ) and Sensor switch, PC control selected. The first device stopped at 69% and wouldn’t continue further. The SRS was powered off and disconnected from the computer. Thereafter it would not power back on, just a black screen on the SRS. With everything reconnected the computer screen showed “No Powerbox Device connected “

    The second device updated successfully. The Terminal programme was the latest Version 3.1.3

    I’ll send it to DA in Australia but would welcome your thoughts on the problem with the first device.



    I have a Paritech glider which i intend to set up with a Competition SRS and 2x Futaba 7003 Rx's. The model also has an LF technik electric self launch system which requires an ESC for throttle control. I purchased a Jeti Mezon ESc which also has a BEC. I bought this version by mistake rather than the Opto version which does not have a BEC.
    The throttle lead from the ESC also serves as a power lead from the BEC part. Normally the throttle lead would be plugged into the Powerbox but in this case that would also supply power.
    Can i do this or will it damage the Powerbox ? Naturally I don't want to damage the Powerbox and if I have to I'll buy another ESC.
    Thank you for any assistance.