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    Thanks to the posts in this thread, I have successfully connected a TM1000 and vSpeak Jet Central telemetry module to my PB Mercury and am receiving PB, Spektrum receiver data, and Turbine data on my DX18. I created a Y cable for the 4-wire connections that Spektrum calls x-bus (which in reality is a standard I2C bus). This opens up the possibility to use any Spektrum-compatible telemetry device. Thanks to Pigna for his posts. I am a happy user.

    Hi Richard. I'm not sure what happened but all is working now. We had disconnected everything and started from scratch so obviously we had done something wrong. We haven't hooked up the Spektrum telemetry yet but I'm confident it will work the same as my Mercury. Thanks to you and Adam in the US for your kind attention. Looking forward to more PB adventures!

    Hi Richard. Yes, I did contact Adam on this but haven't heard back from him. Please read my last post as I have stated this NOT a telemetry issue. I have disconnected all the Spetkrtum telemetry connections. I am not getting any receiver data (frames, fades, etc.) on the Royal itself when switching to the Fight Recorder mode. This is the current issue. Once I have data on the Royal screen, I have confidence I will get the telemetry working as I have done on my Mercuray.

    Can I please get some feedback from PB on this? Was planning to fly tomorrow but I can't accurately range test without being able to see the fades and frame loss. This is not a telemetry issue as I don't get any data on the Royal screen for frame data. Thanks in advance.

    Hi all. Just hooked up my first Royal with 4 Spektrum DSMX receivers. Setup went well on a complex acrobatic plane. Everything seems to be working well except that the Flight-Recorder data is all blank. In fact, the RX values have "-" and I think the Fades and Holds are 0 (o r"-"). I initially bound a TM1000 and was able to get battery data but no signal data to the DX120 transmitter so I disconnected the TM1000 just to see if I could get Flight-Recorder data on the Royal itself. As mentioned above, it is all blank so I'm not surprised that the telemetry data was blank also. Running the latest updates on the Royal and GPS. Must ne missing something. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hi JanR. Thanks for the quick response. That reassures me that I am interpreting the functions correctly. I will set up a rate-only mode for TO/Landings.



    Hi All. I'm new to PB and iGyros. Have been flying Turbines and Giant Scale using Spektrum and Cortex and in the last 2 years, AS3000 gyros. I have always used rate mode but with my PB Mercury, want to use Attitude Assist (AA). I have read through both the Mercury and Royal manuals several times and think I have a good understanding of the setup and operation. One question though. Both manuals state that the recommendation is to always use AA (heading hold) on all models for both aileron and elevator. My question is, how do you land? My normal procedure for turbines is to gradually reduce power starting on downwind, deploy flaps and let the nose drop. I hold this attitude until flaring. If AA is set on the elevators, it seems to me that the nose won't drop and the plane will eventually stall. What am I missing? Do I need to keep bumping the elevator down? That doesn't seem like a comfortable thing to do. I'm assuming that the Take off and Landing flight mode should not use AA on elevator but that seems in contradiction to the manuals. Advice will be appreciated.