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    Hi, i just receive my updated PB royal SRS.

    I try to connect it to my ios phone via bluecom.

    I wasn't a success, quick connect button was still gray (not available).

    So i try some other things and i discover that it was working if i select Mercury SRS. Quick connect button became available (not grey).

    When I click on quick connect with mercury SRS selected the iOS app connect successfully. I try this several times.

    On the top of my phone screen it's well written royal SRS. But i need to select the mercury to connect.

    I think it is a bug ?

    I understand Richard.

    About FM 4 and 5 I think it's dépend of the aircraft. I try the two possibilities on same aircraft and for low speed, high alpha with torque "FM 5" is significantly better.

    And about the GPS, can you confirm that the max speed (used to adjust gain according to speed factor) is reset at each flight ?

    If it's right it means that the gain would be lower after performing a high speed pass.

    Hello Richard,

    Is it possible in a future update to find a way to have more flight mode.

    For the moment we can have 3 flight modes like with iGyro SRS and i think it is better to have à OFF position, so "only" 2 setup.

    I explain you what I ideally would like to have (for exemple in a VGM) :


    2-ON, Heading lock on aileron, Rate on elevator and rudder (for landing because it is possible to have HL on elevator but I don't like the feeling for landing)

    3-ON, Heading lock on aileron and elevator, Rate on rudder (for standard flight and aerobatic with turns)

    4-ON, Heading lock on aileron, elevator and rudder for aerobatic without turns (only vertical evolution)

    5-ON, Heading lock on aileron, elevator and rudder with high gain and speed factor 5) for slow and high alpha flight

    It's maybe possible to add an "advance setup" where the programmation logic will be different :

    At a channel position (for exemple between 100%/70%, 70%/40%, 40%/0%, 0%/-40%,-40%/-70%,-70%/-100%) we will be able to adjust 6 different gyro setup. In the app we will adjust on each setup the gain, HL or not for each axis and speed factor.

    it's only a sketch of my idea but do you think it will be possible to simply have more gyro setup (1 or 2 more) ?

    Hi Richard,

    I read on some of your reply in this forum that you offer to replace GPS I by à GPS II at 50%.

    Is it only in case of malfunction or not ?

    In other words is it possible to send you a GPS I to replace it by a GPS II at 50% ?

    I got 2 GPS I.

    Hi Richard

    My iGyro SRS was running with an old firmware so i decided to update it with my iphone and bluecom adaptateur.

    All begun normaly (connection, etc), the screen of the gyro switched off. The beginning of the update was very long :

    A long time at 0% then 1% and nothing else.

    As nothing more happened i disonnected the power.

    After i try with my iPad and PC without any result. Only one green led of the switch come on.

    Please tell me what i can try to wake it up, i was the end of the set up of my model !

    Maybe, but i hope not, i will need to send it ?