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    Can someone please tell me if the power box competition will see the x plus 3 and above channels as long as they are enabled in the transmitter right now my competition I can only get channels 12 and under to operate and I need two more channels which will be x Plus 13 and 14

    I have three satellite receivers going to an eye gyro SRS with two patch leads to the competition SRS VERSION 28 IF I'M READING THE SCREEN CORRECTLY with a spektrum dx18 transmitter

    thanks Joe

    Okay I think I understand now so would whatever power box I choose need to have satellites plugged into it as well as the gyro??

    Or are the three satellites plugged into the the gyro sufficient enough

    So I would not need any other spektrum Receiver? If I understand it correctly, The Competition SRS, Cockpit SRS and Champion SRS are all Spektrum capable Receivers. And the Gyro acts as a receiver as well.

    I have a brand new igyro SRS which power box should I use for it to be able to run the throttle brakes retracts and a smoke system on a jet and do I need satellites plugged into the SRS and whichever power box that I would end up using I fly spectrum dx18

    As promised an update on the flight. First flew the plane and trimmed it all out. Landed and put the gyro in to the flight assist mode. went through the steps for setting the gain, landed and re zeroed the gyro. Started to get windy with a pretty good cross wind. Flew the flight in Pilot assist mode and the 72 inch trainer plane was rock solid in the wind. Did some parallel to runway fly by's with heading hold on and the plane was on a solid heading down the runway.

    We do get some rollers of the trees at our field when there is a cross wind that will make a plane drop on a parallel pass. This did happen on one of the heading hold passes. The plane dropped about 3 feet and the gyro instantly corrected and returned the plane to the previous altitude.
    I thank you again for all of the help with the set up.
    Very satisfied with the results

    I just wish there was a way to run the control surfaces through the Royal and still use the I-gyro SRS

    Maybe you can do a soft ware update for the DSM2 Spektrum Royal

    Thank you
    Joe Lewis

    I changed the lead from the 3 wire lead to the 2 wire red and blue. I have it running from one of the rudder outputs on the Royal to the S-bus 1 on the I-gyro.

    Everything is working. I will be mounting it into a test bed trainer plane to make sure it is all correct before it go's into the jet. I will post how the system works in the trainer plane.

    Thank you very much for all of your help with this.

    Joe Lewis


    I have updated the I gyro SRS to version 23. I have the system bound to the TX and I have the system working but when I power down the system and the TX and turn the TX and the system back on, the satellite receiver on SAT2 off of the Gyro is giving me a fast flashing light. I re-bind the system and it is fine until I power down every thing and then turn it all back on.

    I am running 3 satellite receivers on the gyro and 4 on the Royal.
    I have a JR 12x DSM2 transmitter.

    I turn the TX on first then the Powerbox system.

    Thank you

    I am installing a Powerbox Royal Spektrum Dms2 and I gyro into my Isobar jet. I would like to know the appropriate connections from the gyro to the Powerbox. I think I am going to need the SRS Adapter leads but I am not sure. I can not get the system to work right now. I am trying to have the Elevator, Aileron and rudder plug into the powerbox and the gyro control them through the Powerbox Royal.

    A friend of mine has a cockpit system on S-bus and his is working this way. Or with the Spektrum do the three controls need to go through the gyro to be controled by the Gyro.
    The instruction manual is very limited on the Gyro hook ups.
    Joe Lewis