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    Hi Richard,

    I preparing to use an iGyro3e + GPS II for my 6.7m sailplane.

    What is the effect of a speed compensation value of 1 compared to 5?

    What speed compensation factor (or other settings) would you recommend?

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    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your reply.

    All servos are digital except a wheel brake.

    The Jeti Central box has an Output Rate setting currently set to auto. I understand that with a Tx rate of 100hz this results in a frame rate of ~10ms.

    Should the Jeti Central box Output Rate match the iGyro frame rate?

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    My motor sometimes switches on for a short time when the Powerbox Competition SRS is powered off!

    This happens although the motor throttle is off and the motor arm switch is off.

    I'm using a Powerbox Competition SRS, Jeti REX6, Jeti RSAT2EX, Jeti Master MEZON 165 Opto lite, a Hacker B50 Competition 8S and a Jeti DS-16.

    The MEZON has a hard brake set.

    The Powerbox failsafe has been set with the throttle at zero and the arm switch off.

    Any ideas?



    Hi Richard,


    I can now get telemetry from the RSAT2EX. The transmitter telemetry reset and Powerbox reset worked.

    Still can't get Powerbox telemetry from the REX6 even using the reset you described, Not a problem as my other Jeti sensors do provide telemetry through the REX6 EX, and E2 ports.

    Thanks very much for your quick reply and solution!



    Now can't get Powerbox telemetry from Jeti REX6 (firmware 1.0) and RSAT2EX (firmware 3.24) setup.

    Have bound receivers and connected to Powerbox using UDI which works fine.

    No telemetry via REX6 EX port (auto configured as JETIBOX/sensor) or E1 port configured as EX bus.

    No telemetry via RSAT2EX EX port.

    I know telemetry from Powerbox works as I have tested it successfully using Jeti R9 and the configuration detailed in my earlier post.

    Any ideas?

    Found out how:

    Set Receiver SAT output to UDI output
    Set Powerbox Receiver type to Jeti UDI
    Connect Receiver SAT output to a Powerbox RX in
    Connect Powerbox TELE output to Receiver EXT in


    I've managed to get my Jeti receiver working with Powerbox via UDI with telemetry over EX bus.

    I have also read here that the same result can be achieved with using two RSATs to Powerbox by EX and a third RSAT for telemetry.

    Which is best UDI or EX?




    Why can't I get the Powerbox battery telemetry displayed on my Jeti TX?

    I have connected the Jeti Duplex Receiver EX port to the Powerbox and have set the Jeti receiver to EX bus mode.

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