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    Hey guys,

    I have to admit a super stupidity which might be seen as a "beginner's stupidity". And that after 41 years of model flying.

    I connect 2 Futaba R6303SB receivers and therefore I decided to leave it on "7 channel settings" in my transmitter.

    Off course, and somebody told me on Facebook, I had to put it on "Multi channel".

    Changed that and all is working fine now. I've just finished setting up my new PC-21...

    Thanks for any help!

    Hi all.

    I bought my second Mercury SRS and I'm running into quite some issues.


    Transmitter: Futaba FX-30

    Receiver: 2x Futaba R6303SB

    Setting TX-System: S-BUS


    All channels have been assigned on the transmitter.

    I'm starting the auto setup procedure and the first thing asked is to assign a "flight mode" switch. So I move the assigned three position switch (as described in the manual). Unfortunately the switch is not recognized by the Powerbox. I tried all the other three position switches, without any response 1f641.png:-(

    When I use the only two position switch (which is normally assigned to the retracts) it IS recognized... ??
    I even tried to put the endpoints for testing the different other switches to -110%/0/110% but still not ok.

    After accepting the two position switch I continued and next choice is to choose the gain slider or knob. I move the knob that I assigned, but again it is not recognized.

    ONLY one of the sticks OR the slider assigned to the flaps is recognized.

    Not understanding what I'm doing currently wrong... Anybody knowing what can be going wrong?

    Thanks very much in advance.


    do you mean that I can leave the setting as it was before ?
    The plane I bought had 2 lipo's in the nose, connected to the DP-DS. But I don't like to charge lipo's inside the plane and therefore changed them to Li-Ion...




    As the batteries should be charged inside the plane, I decided to go for Li-Ion batteries.

    Is it correct that I need to setup the switch to 5-cells NiMh setting because then the alarm will be lower ?

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi all,

    I did buy a nice 2nd hand airplane.
    On board it has 2 diversity receivers from ACT. But, as we're in the 21st century now with 2,4 Ghz and because I'm a Futaba flyer, I want to replace it to one R6014FS receiver from Futaba.

    Currently, the plane has a "Powerbox DP-SD" on board. It also says "Power supply for ACT Diversity receiver".

    I'm wondering if it is still usefull to keep this beauty and if it would work with a Futaba receiver too ? I acknowledge I would have to change the specific plugs, but I want to be sure it is compatible and will still work that way ?

    If this is possible, then where to find a manual from this powerbox device ?

    Can somebody help me please ?



    Tried the new receiver this evening. Works fine for ELE and RUDD, did not try AIL yet.

    But, one issue. I use a Robbe FX-30 which seem to have only 12 channels, which are already taken up like this now :

    FLAP1 : ch1
    FLAP2 : ch2
    THROTTLE : ch3
    TURBINE Switch : ch4
    GEAR switch : ch5
    NOSE WHEEL : ch6

    As you told me, I then set :
    Aileron1: ch 9
    Aileron2: ch 10
    Elevator1: ch 11
    Elevator2: ch 12

    Then my channels were all taken, so I put
    Rudder: ch7
    Flightmode ch 8

    Unfortunately now I don't have any free channels anymore for the iGyro Gain, or can I use another way ?



    Dear all,

    I wanted to install my first iGyro SRS today but am having some questions which are not answered with the manual that comes with the iGyro SRS. Hope somebody can help me ?

    1. The S/BUS1 cable, coming from the SRS, can I put it in the DG1 port of the R6014FS receiver ? Or can this receiver not be combined with the iGyro SRS this way ?
    2. If I'm NOT using a power supply, but want to use two receiver lipo's, how can I continue ? I thought, because the iGyro SRS is delivered with the switch, I would be able to use that to connect the two lipo's, like in the POWERBOX SENSOR I use in most other planes. But as the switch is directly put in the iGyro SRS, this does not seem to be possible.

    Sorry if these are stupid questions, I'm more a model flyer than a builder... :-)