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    Hi I was going to maiden a Jetlegend SU27 this weekend with a competition and two Futaba 7008 receivers but I have just learnt that there is a problem with this combination and that the 7003 works ok
    I was told a lot of jets have gone down using the 7008 / competition combination and that I should check it out , have you heard anything of this nature
    with two turbines it is to much money to take any chances

    Hi hope you can help me here, about three weeks ago I sent three sensor switches back to you for repair, I have not heard anything from you,
    Have they arrived, can they be repaired, two of them were connected with wrong polarity, I know don't ask !!!!!!! and one was in a crash
    Look forward to hearing from you
    Tony Davey

    Hi Richard
    I was not complaining about the charges of the work, not at all in fact I thought they were very good thank you
    It was the 28 euro postage that got me, anyway I received it today, and it came by the slow post, still not to bad for the time of year, thank you
    Complete with a festive biscuit and brochures,
    I AM a satisfied customer and will be ordering from you direct for everything I need in the future
    Thank you

    well I sent it back and it has been repaired. but know explanation as to what caused it to not work, also a invoice for the repair, that im not to happy about as the thing had never been used, but the most annoying part is the fact that I am being charged 28 euro for postage, when it only cost me 7 euro to send it,
    Jet Cat sent my 100RX turbine back after service for that same money, the turbine is in a big heavy box, the competition went in a jiffy bag

    Hi Richard
    Right the man I bought it off is a friend of mine now, but when I came to South Cyprus he had a model shop in Limassol, I bought all my turbines and most things through him including the power box competition srs
    It was going into a jet legend sr27 but I lost a jet I was flying and destroyed the engine, I had two jc 100rx, the su27 needed both so I could not complete it
    So the competition was left in its box until the other day when I decided to fit it in my Hunter
    Having used your switches for a long time I knew how to connect it up, but still had the instructions on my laptop with me when I did the connection, the switch worked fine but when I pressed the set button to bring up the screen NOTHING
    So now im wondering if it had been used before it was sold to me
    So advice needed as what to do next, I suppose it will have to come back to PB

    Hi Richard did you read my last post as there is no answer to it
    Also to upgrade my competition do I have to send it back to Power Box or do it online,
    I am beginning to wonder if the unit was second hand when it was sold to me ( it was sold as new ) as the leads were missing and the box had been opened,
    Is there anyway for Power Box to check if it has been used if I send it back
    Thanks Tony

    Hi Richard, thanks for getting back to so quickly, yes I know how to turn it on, I have been using your sensor switches for three years now, when I press the set button and then the 1 and 2 buttons the green leds come on, to tell me it is on, i then press and hold the set button to bring up the menu screen, but it stays blank, nothing happens

    I have a competition srs that I have had for three years but it has never been out of the box, when opening the box I found that the patching leads were missing
    And today I fitted it into a scratch built Hawker Hunter for a JC 100RX turbine
    Connected as per the instructions and the switch leds come on as they should do, but when I hold down the set button to bring on the screen on the competition the red led lights up for a time then go's out but the screen on the box stays blank, nothing happens
    Am I missing something here
    Help needed
    Thanks Tony