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    So I still have only one green light on the iGyro Spenser switch. All else seems to be functioning with the sensors disconnected.

    Could I be drawing too much current through the iGyro?

    Richard, it appears that I may have a bad sensor on one of my receivers.

    Disconnect both R3 receivers.

    Plugged in battery power.

    iGyro came on.

    connected 1 receiver

    iGyro still on

    Plugged in second receiver

    iGyro went off

    removed sensors from both receivers

    iGyro on

    retuned one sensor

    iGyro on

    returned second sensor

    iGyro off

    This was working for well over an hour while I was programming the Cockpit, then stopped.

    I have a Cockpit SRS with an iGyro SRS that I converted from Spektrum to Jeti. I was in the middle of adjusting servo matching when the iGyro display went blank and lost communication with the Cockpit.

    Tried rebooting, removing power and restarting, but still display is dark and no control. Is there a hard reset somewhere? Each time I reboot the Cockpit, one green light blinks once on the sensor switch attached to the iGryo.

    Thanks for any help.

    Hi Richard. Back to reviewing this thread as I am setting up another aircraft the same. The following link does not appear to be working http://forum.powerbox-systems.…wtopic.php?f=41&t=403 looking for these images to ensure I get it right. Thanks

    Thanks Richard. The problem resolved after disconnecting the USB cable. It appears that while connected, the problem was created.. I will let you know if it persists.

    I am setting up a new jet with iGyro 3e. When testing on bench, I notice that in HD mode, only 1 aileron holds, while the other operates like stabilize mode. I checked with Terminal program and setting are identical. Is this normal that the HD will only effect one aileron? I have reset the gyro and rest to tested settings with the same result.

    Richard. Attached photos of setup. The 2 bus wires route through the frame.

    Let m eknow what you think.

    I did reset everything. And still had the same result.


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    Just added the iGyro to my setup of the Cockpit SRS and 3 - Spektrum satellite receivers. The Cockpit SRS was working with only the receivers. I have set the Cockpit RX to S-Bus, I have bound the iGyro and set the output to digital. I have no response from the Cockpit SRS to the servos. And, I can no longer access the Door Sequencer Setup Assistant.

    I reset the Cockpit and re-bound the RX directly, and everything works. I reconnected the iGyro and bound, but again no response from the Cockpit outputs.

    Please adise.


    I just purchased the iGyro SRS to use with my Cockpit SRS. I did not order with the sensor switch, thinking I could use the one that came with my zpCovkpit. However, I do not see an interface on the iGyro for the switch. Is the a different switch I need for the iGyro?

    I just received my Cockpit SRS today and am unable to program.

    I have 2 new and charged Li Ion 2 cell receiver batteries. I plug battery 1 in and nothing happens. I add battery 2 in and the unit powers up. The screen shows 8.22V on both batteries. When I hold down the set button to get to programming, the screen goes to the main page and the curser scrolls through each line approximately 10 times and stops on OK. I cannot move the curser from there. When I hit set again, I get a Regulator Malfunction message.

    If I remove battery 1, the screen returns to the home display. Again I try to program and the same thing happens with the curser. This time (with battery 1 removed) when I hit the Set button, the screen returns to the home display.

    Am I missing something here, or did I receive a bad unit?

    I'm new to the board and product. Just purchased the Cockpit Srs Spektrum. I currently am using twin 2-cell Li-Ion batteries for my recover/control. After reading the manual, it saw allows for 3 types of batteries, not including Li-Ion. Is there a problem using 7.2 li-Ion. Do I have to purchase new batteries.