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    I have a brand new gemini II with 2x 2s Lipo that is beeping and flashing LED's.

    I start the gemini with switch, both led's turn red, then green and the gemini starts up. One of the green led's fades away right after startup.
    After a while gemini starts beeping, LED's go red, then green then both red and green led's are on, beeping,..

    Switching battery's doesn't help. I never lose power to RX, even with only 1 battery conected.


    I'm using an evolution 16/40 in a 50CC plane. I'm controlling the plane with a FRsky X8R receiver.
    I can leave the plane powerd on for a few hours without problems. When i start the engine the problems start after a minute or 2 of running:

    Battery power on one side goes away: led goes back and forth between the 3 LED's, after a second or 2 all leds go away.

    Battery on the other side stays, but orange, red and green leds light up in a random fashion. I lose power to the plane whenever the red LED is on.

    Batteries are freshly charged (2x 2s lipo), other batteries make no difference.

    Ignition module is as far from powerbox and receiver as possible. Plane was ran succesfully before with spektrum gear. I started getting lockouts on the spektrum gear 2.4ghz, but at the time i did not check if the problem was related. Previous owner ran futaba FASST for 4 years without any issues.

    Any ideas?