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    Ok, I just connected a servo directly to the Royal to bypass the powerbus system, and I get the same result. If I use direct assignments everything is fine, if I use gyro channel assignments then I can not separate the aileron and elevator functions. The problem is only on the elevator channel. The ailerons are fine. It’s as though there is an active mix, and I can assure you I have no mixes active in the transmitter, and I did a factory reset on the Royal.


    I’m currently running Version 15.7 on my royal, with 3.24 on my Jeti receivers. Transmitter us the DS24 with the current firmware. I am using PowerBus for my tail servos. I cleared ALL outputs and inputs, then only assigned my gyro control surface Chanels. Then when I try to assign the channels for the elevator using the powerbus button, the aileron axis and elevator always get assigned to the elevator no matter what I do. If I don’t use the gyro Chanel’s and simply assign the control surfaces to direct Chanels then everything works fine when setting up the powerbus. What makes it more strange is that even if I don’t assign the ailerons and ONLY the elevator Chanel’s (everything else in the output/input mapping is blank) when I try to set up the elevator on the gyro Chanel’s I get the same result. No matter what I do the aileron axis gets assigned to the elevator axis. I have preformed a factory reset a few times.. hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

    Hello I just want to clarify a few things in my setup. I have a DLE222 and from what I have seen it’s possible to use one SparkSwitch Pro to control both modules. For the RPM connection, do I need to Y connect the two, then Y connect with the ignition wire, then connect that to the switch? Essentially you need to Y connect the ignition and RPM?

    Also is it possible to connect an extension to the temperature sensor cable? The distance between my engine and switch are to far in my current setup for the temp wire to reach the switch. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

    Receivers had the wrong firmware. I guess I installed the wrong one when I updated them before installing them. Thanks for the help.


    I seem to only have access to 12ch in the output menu in the mercury. There is no direct 13-14-15. It stops at 12. Am I missing something?


    Ok a little update, when I tried the update process again, it comes up in RescueMode. I select the cockpit srs v26 file, then click on update and it’s doing the same thing. Seems hung up on “Preparing...”.

    Sorry what I meant to say is not 0% status, it should say “Preparing”. The status display on the program never went past preparing.


    I am trying to up date my cockpit SRS via the USB adapter and my pc. The program recognizes the cockpit and says there is an update available. I click on update then the screen went blank on the cockpit srs and then the progress bar never went past 0%. I left it connected for 30min and the progress bar never went past 0%. I tried to abort the process but nothing was responding. I disconnected the power from the cockpit srs, and now it seems to be bricked. (Not responding). The leds on the switch work, and I can turn it on and off, however the screen never turns on, and the cockpit srs is unresponsive. Now when I try to reconnect the the USB is says no device detected, which I assume that’s because it’s not in PC mode. Unfortunately though the screen won’t turn on so I’m un able to do anything with the unit. Is there a way to force it to connect and retry the update?

    Ok, so I guess it must be that I’ve made an error in my set up. At least i know that there’s nothing wrong with my equipment. Just curious, how much is the cost to update my signal controller and what would be the benifit of updating? Thanks.


    *** I AM NOT SURE WHAT SIGNAL CONTROLLER VERSION I HAVE*** I can only see 18.5 when I start up. I assume it’s version 5.

    I need some help to configure my set up. I am having difficulty getting everything to work as I would like. Here is what I have and how I currently have it set up.

    TX is Jeti DS-16, with 2 R3 running in UDI mode, frame rate set to 10, and fail safe is disabled. TX is updated to latest firmware, RX are on UDI16 3.24 (as I found that 3.25 only allows 12ch)

    I am also using the PowerBus system for all control surfaces. So one box for the 4 tail servos, and each wing has a box for each of their servos. All tail servos on in A and all wing servos are in B on the royal.

    2 x Aileron servos

    2 x Elevator Servos

    2 x Rudder servos

    4 x Flap servos

    2 x Air brake servos

    2 x Turbine

    1 x gear servo

    1 x brake servo

    1 x canopy servo

    1 x nose wheel steering servo

    So this is how it’s set up

    CH1 - AIL #1 Input A

    CH2 - AIL #2 Input B

    CH3 - ELV #1 Input C

    CH4 - ELV #2 Input D

    CH5 - Throttle Input L/M to control both turbines

    CH6 - Rudder #1 Input E

    CH7 - Rudder #2 Input F

    CH8 - Flaps left side Input G

    CH9 - Flaps right side Input H

    CH10 - Gear input Q

    CH11 - Brakes Input P

    CH12 - Airbrake servo #1 Input I

    CH13 - Airbrake servo #2 Input J

    CH14 - Canopy Input O

    CH15 - will be gyro gain

    CH16 - Nosewheel steering Input K

    All Chanel’s are set up as Direct, I do not have anything assigned to an gyro Chanel’s at this time.

    So I am having problems trying to match and reverse the servos that need to be reversed. When I try to reverse one of the elevator servos, it seems to reverse both of them. Also if I try to reverse an elevator servo in my TX, nothing happens.

    So how would you set it up? I understand that I can have several of these on one Chanel, but then how do I match/reverse the servos as needed? Thanks.



    I recently acquired a Royal SRS and when I turned it on I saw that it was V09.5. So I connected my bluecom adapter and did an update which brought it up to V12.

    I have read on this forum that there has been mention of a hardware up grade for units that were anything lower then V10. If so can you tell me the difference between mine as it is now and one that has been upgraded?

    Also is there a cost for the upgrade?




    I had only one battery connected when I turned on the unit and then connected the #2 battery while the system was already switched on. The screen started to flicker and now I only have control over the #1 battery. When I switch the system off the screen remains on and flickers. It also shows no voltage, and I get the telemetry alarm on my transmitter that there is no voltage. The switch seems to be doing it's job, but for some reason power is not fully off. If I only have battery #1 connected the system works fine, and shows voltage on #1, and none on #2. When I connect #2 batter when the system is off, the screen comes on and is flickering with 0 voltage showing on the screen. Then when I use the switch to turn this system "on" the screen continues to flicker but now shows voltage on #2, and 0 on #1. So it's functioning some what correctly. I have another switch from other Powerbox products so I tried a different switch to eliminate that possibility, and I get the same results with another switch. I just checked the shipping cost and it's very high, so I would like to know if there is anything I can do before I send it in for service. The unit is no longer under warranty, so shipping both ways plus repair will likly be very close to replacement cost.


    I don't see iGyro SRS on the list of devices in the app. Only iGryo. Is that the one I should use? I did all the other steps previously, but as mentioned I could not find the SRS version on the list of devices, only the iGryo an the 3e, and 1e are the only ones on the device list.