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    Hi there

    I try to get telemetry data and when I get into settings there is no telemetry settings at all

    I have also another device with serial number 257627 that the version is 18.9 and also no option to control on the telemetry settings

    please help

    Dear Richard

    Congratulation for your amazing new transmitter, do you plan to make a powerbox systems with internal recivers (like mercury, royal, etc)

    Hi there

    I have PowerBox Mercury and I want to backup my settings with the powerbox terminal, when I connect it and choose backup there is a green line that running but nothing happens

    Please help

    Hi, I have 2 battery and the external led not working at all in 2 of them, not when I'm charging it and not after it finish to charge.
    another issue is that the access to the battery is impossible only if I discconect the cockpit witch is hard.
    Is it possible to leave the battery connected to the powerbox royal without making them any damage??

    Well I find out that in the new recivers like I have when binding u must connect the switch jumper then all working
    I'm going to use the new nx8921 jr servos and 2 ds8411hv
    The framerate still need to be 12ms
    Thank you for fast responds

    Hi there
    I have JR 28X TX with 2 RG812BX
    I have PowerBox competition with 2 2800 PowerBox Batt
    I set the unit to 2800 7.4 and in tx/rx settings I set to JR Xbus
    in the TX I set the xbus to mode A
    1. what frame rate I should set? (the final settings will be with 2 receivers 1 (RG812BX) and 1 (RG031BX)
    2. I can't init channel got a MSG "No Receiver Signal"

    your help please