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    Thank you for assistance.

    Am I right “soft”- slow and soft reaction, “ultra”- very fast and strong reaction for deviations? How to understand what settings is better to start (for beginning)? After update set HARD on all axes. Or better to set NORMAL? What do you advise?

    Also I have another question- are you planing to do “flight assistant” as Royal and IGyro SRS, to do tuning axes one by one in one flight (aileron, elevator, rudder normal and rudder heading) by switching mode switch ON-OFF and then ON.....four times?



    Hi Richard,

    After update my Mercury to v10 I have found the new point in the gyro settings menu- “CHARAC”. In my case the parameter of the CHARAC is settled “HARD”.

    But there are some different: hard, ultra, normal and soft.

    There is nothing about that in the manual.

    Would you be so kind to advise what it mean and what the difference between parameters? How and for what use that?


    Yes, sure. But there is small difference - using Royal or Mercury you can use rudder B, with IGyro srs only rudder A for vector, ruder without gyro.

    Now I`m worried with what settings of transmitter is correct- two ailerons and two elevators ore one aileron and one elevator?

    Hi Richard,

    I need your assistance to do right settings my delta J-10 with IGyro SRS and vector trust.

    So, I have IGyro SRS, two Futaba receivers 7008 and 7003, no PowerBox at all.
    First of all I have created a new model with normal wings with two ailerons and normal tail with two elevators in transmitter. No wing mix, just rudder to nose gear, elevator to canard, Rudder - Vector left/right, Elevator - Vector up/down. Vector mix are activate by same switch as Gyro mode, just mode 3 with vector.

    Than I connect the left wing to Aileron A, right wing to Elevator A, vector up/down to Elevator B, vector left/right to Rudder on IGyro SRS. Those channels plus gyro mode and gyro gain coming from receiver as sbus signal.

    Than I passed thru setup assistance, when I move sticks IGyro has recognized all channel correctly, but vector up/dove doesn’t work, and vector left/right work all time, not when I switch to mode 3.

    Also I can’t fine tune one elevator (center and endpoints) because IGyro is receiving just one elevator Chanel (in input mapping).

    What I did wrong?

    Please guide me how to do right settings.

    There was connected one receiver.

    I did check all slots (for GY aileron, GY elevator, GY rudder ....), as required by setup assistance by one servo. Should I connect two (Graupner HOTT) receivers?

    Hi Richard,

    Today I have received my Royal from service and found GYRO not working. I did follow setup assistance everything work perfect up to “tilt nose up or down then keep steady” - the bar doesn’t move.

    What should I do, send it back again?

    There is video


    On some reason I need to use “crow” setup for landing, but I have no idea how to adjust with gyro. According to manual all mixes should be off or heading mode will not work properly, in that case (with crow) center of aileron servo will move out of heading zone. Am I right?

    Is there any possibility to use crow setup without issues for gyro?




    you should send us the Royal to update to the latest hard and software release. Then it´s like a new one.

    The GPS cannot be updated, but if you send it to us, we rplace it for 50% in a new one if you want.

    Hi Richard,

    Today sent the Royal to you for update and Mercury for repair.



    OK, thank you for response, will follow your suggestions.

    By what address should I send?

    Should I send display and sensor switch also?

    Also I will send a Mercury for repair.

    What the max price for customs declare, 50€?

    Hi Richard,

    I have bought a second hand jet with PowerBox Royal SRS from friend of mine. But it looks like very old one (silver color), from last century :),

    First of all I checked software version - V01. I did try to update GPS sensor- not possible.

    I have few question:

    - is these Royal same that new (black)?

    - is it possible to update to latest version of software?

    - how to update the GPS sensor ore better by the GPS2 and use?

    - will GPS2 work with these Royal?

    Thank you for advance,



    Hello Richard,

    During gyro setup following “Setup assistance” I have chosen for FM: 1- gyro off, 2- att assist std, 3- att assist all, but didn’t do ‘Test fly assistance” yet. Now I would like to disable att assist for rudder in flight mode 3. Should I pass “Setup assistance” again (Dont’t wont to lose all my rest Mercury settings) or after “Test fly” simply disable att assist for axis rudder-a and rudder-b?

    Thank you.