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    Hi team,

    Will you consider something like an auto trim where you hold the sticks, flick a switch and that offset is set as a trim.


    Will the core have enough slots for a Teleconnect + ECU to say a Jetcat + Itrap slot. The futaba t18mz fills up all the slots with just these three items.

    Thanks Alexander,

    I double checked the batteries with a voltmeter for +ve polarisation. They are all ok so I will assume it was an MPX connection the wrong way around.

    Thanks for your help and speedy service.

    Have a great weekend...

    Thanks very much for responding so fast.

    I am always very careful so please help me understand what went wrong as I do not wish this to happen again.

    I used the same duel battery setup all along without problems until.....

    I used a single stand in battery for batt 1. It was 2 cell LiFe instead of LiPo.

    It was connected via a powerbox JR to MPX convertor.

    I have check the battery and also the powerbox MPX/JR connector for correct polarisation so that is ruled out. (also it cannot be reversed polarised at the JR connector)

    This only leaves the possibility that the MPX was put into the power box backwards. Is this possible with a bit of force?

    Can you please check on the powerbox unit where the connector goes in on Batt one to see if there is any sign the MPX was put in backwards, or am I missing something here?


    Yes. But it seams to be dumping any signal from the tx and then driving servos to some kind of default setting which unfortunately for the aileron was out of the range of the housing. One would expect it to just leave the servos alone with a power fault.

    Anyway will be with you tomorrow so you can have a look. Will be interesting to know what is wrong

    I just installed a new Royal.

    The installation was fine. All checked.

    Was making final adjustments to the setup when the following happened.

    When Battery 1 was switched off via the switch the PB drove the L aileron servo to max deflect (ripping it from the housing) No control to any surface.

    The only way to stop this was to unplug Battery 2

    Upon trouble shooting the following was discovered.


    Plug in Battery 1, Power box comes on but no green light from the switch.

    Battery 2 two system works fine.


    Plug in Battery 2 and switch on the unit then plug in battery one (which shows power without green light) then 'switch on battery 1' All is fine two green lights on the switch.

    Now test the fail safe by disconnect battery 2 and the powerbox drives sometimes the elevator L to max or sometimes the aileron L to full and you don’t get redundant power you loose full control.


    You cannot switch off the powerbox with batt 1 connected and when you leave the system to battery 1 you have no control and but also one servo is driven to max

    Any suggestions....?

    Hi there,

    Is there any way to switch the IOS version to Andriod via the software or do I need separate units?


    Thanks for the answer.

    I cannot find the gain x 4 setting on the power box royal srs.

    I also checked the manual.

    Can you help?

    I'm flying a pirotti rebel pro

    When I setup using the iGyro assist I go to max gain (100%) and get no wobble.

    The setup exits and I can see the airspeed factor has defaulted to 3 and the boost set to 1.

    2.Can you confirm the airspeed factor and boost is chosen by the assist during its setup? (I ask this as before the setup I set the airspeed factors to 2 and boost to 0)

    3)Is it possible to use the assist mode to setup up the gyros but with an airspeed factor of 2 instead of 3. I want to do this because I thought the idea was to increase the gain until you get the wobble and then back off very slightly. This will give the best gyro setting.