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    Are there plans to include a number next to the graphic to see how much trim you have set at any one time?

    Ahh ok so this was the default setting when I made the widget.

    I’ll move the values in any case.


    Ok here is an example.

    No alarm has been set. Any warning has been reset but the widget remains showing the !

    It does not always happen but I see it quite often. You delete the alert and the "!" remains when it shouldn't

    Yea. Totally missed that one. It was a friends core and his computer. I thought the terminal was on the latest update.

    I should have checked first. :)

    Mr Aziz spotted it!!

    Hi. It’s ok now. Thanks. Was the terminal. It wasn’t updated. We deleted it and downloaded a new one.

    Thanks for answering on a Sunday. :)

    To clarify it’s a 16gb usb.

    I tried my friends and well.

    My one was formatted by my core and loads and saves models.

    Using they terminal it will format the stick and I can see files on the stick also with the core file manager I can see files but the update doesn’t work.

    I’m trying to update a friends core from 1.7.

    I followed the terminal procedure via USB and pressed update on the core.

    There is a quick flash of “please wait executing prolog shell script” then it goes back to the menu and nothing happens.

    Please advise.

    Application 1.7

    Corestart script 4

    Transceiver 1.10

    Stick control 1.3

    If I have no alarm on all four of the alarms should the widget end up with a yellow or red “!”

    I get this sometimes on for example the core cpu temp and others.

    To clarify I just create a fresh widget, I leave the alarms as “no alarm”.

    Please clarify why I get the yellow “!”

    I sent an alarm for 40% LQI signal.

    I set a voice “Signal low A1”

    It was the 2nd alarm along (the low yellow one)

    I did a range test and turned and walked far enough away to go below 40%

    The alarm activated as it should and spoke “Signal low A1”

    After I turned around and the signal went back up to around 90%

    I then turned again and the signal dropped below 40%.

    This time I didn’t get a Signal low A1.

    I tried a few times but I never got the warning again.

    Is there a way to program the alarms so that once the signal goes back up the alarm can be triggered again once again if it crosses the low signal.


    Is there any plan to allow the sensor rescan to bind to a button?

    I often have the core switched on before the model which means I sometimes need to rescan sensors or switch the core on and off to get the telemetry to display.

    If you do plan to implement a bind you could have it so you press and hold the sensor scan button and it goes to a menu where you chose the button to bind to.

    Anyway not a big deal, it’s just a suggestion.

    Could we add a feature To reset ALL alerts and bind it to a user selectable button/switch.

    That way if we switch a model off and on we don’t have to go through all the telemetry alerts one by one and reset them.

    I have a Mercury with two 26D rx units 1 off of the rx will show a fixed value LQI Sometimes 61% sometimes 71 and sometimes 0%. This is all while the other 3 LQIs show 100%

    When it shows 0% the red light on the rx is on.

    When I do a range test the other LIQs will change but the fixed one will stay fixed even if the others drop really low.

    All units are on latest update.

    Please advise.