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    I connected my cockpit srs control unit to igyro srs + GPSII, but by connecting the teleconverte correctly recorded on my Futaba T18sz the parameters of altitude, speed, and gps do not appear in the telemetry of the radio

    :(. I can only see the battery voltage of the cockpit srs. How can I solve it?

    Sorry for information. Is it normal that by inserting the second battery the system turns on automatically and after a while from malfuction regulation? While if I insert the first battery he remains off and it is necessary to press SET + I and II to switch on. As soon as I insert the second one it gives me the message. Can I fly the same with a battery?

    I would like to know how you can connect to the blucom the first generation gps for telemetry and if I can make updates.

    thank you

    Hello my igyro srs inserting the battery does not turn on the display . The last time I saw him was when I was doing lìapprendimento for rc radio. The display said "please turn off" you help me ? thank you