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    Hi, and thanks for your quick response. I've tried to follow the guides also with a fresh install of the terminal software. It counts to 0, says briefly "connecting", then nothing. I've checked and double checked the connections. To me the device seems to be dead.


    Hi, I'm using a Futaba 18mz and a Powerbox Cockpit SRS in a jet aircraft. I've not been able to register or use the teleconverter since I bought it. I'm also not able to update it via the USB PC adapter or the Bluetooth adapter, the countdown freezes.

    In the radio I'm able to register my JetCat telemetry devise with no problems, but not the teleconverter. I'm out of ideas on how to fix this and would like some help or possibly to return the unit for a check with you to make sure it is working properly.

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    Karl Galguften

    Hi, I get the message that no connection is established. I've tried several times and check that it's connected as per the diagram in the forum here. I've also tried to connect it to my Cockpit SRS with no luck. I did it per the diagram and put the SRS in pc control mode. I do have connection between my iPhone and blue com adapter.

    The Teleconverter did work previously, but after I did some reset up on my radio (18mz) I lost connection. I've tried all the solutions mentioned in the forum, by the book. The other sensor for my Jetcat works just fine.


    Hi, I have the same problem. I'm not Abel to establish contact with the teleconvertor. I've also tried with a pc and the standard software. Please help!

    I have a new teleconverter that I have installed in a jet. I have had it working, but now it's not. I've it hooked up to a Cockpit SRS, Futaba 18mz and also the Finnish V10 Jetcat telemetry devise. I've tried to check the software on a PC with no luck, it starts a countdown from 10, stops at 1 and freezes. I'm also not able to re register the devise on the 18mz after reading through most of the posts here trying the different tweaks.

    Please help!