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    Just found the update you posted for the GPS III.

    I did the update and all looks to be working great with the Auto Detection of the iGyro unit, along with the "searching" and "Logged on" process being displayed on the iGyro and holding.

    Thanks for your update.

    No, This iGyro SRS is an early model along with the first version of the GPS. I am trying to upgrade the GPS to the newest GPS III version.

    Also, I would recheck the GPS III after every failed hook up on the PowerBox Terminal and I have noticed that it has "locked on" to every TX selection choice and iGyro except the Hott TX version.

    Hello Richard,

    Some additional info.

    I did some more investigations and what I did was hook the GPS III back up to the Terminal. I had to select "iGyro" again and exited the terminal before unplugging the GPS III.

    Now when I power the plane up, the GPS III will give a steady series of single flashes for 15-30 seconds and then switch to a steady light. For most of my power ups, the GPS line on the iGyro displays "No Sensor". Once out of maybe every 5 power ups, The GPS line will display "Logged In" but switch to "Lost" in about 10-15 seconds. The light stays on steady.

    Also, The Sensor line will be blank until the plane is moved ever so slightly and display "Idle" or "In Motion".

    Am I missing anything?

    Thanks for any help.


    Hello Richard,

    I just purchased the new GPS III and I am trying to hook it up to an iGyro SRS updated to version 28.

    When I hook up and turn on the radio system the light on the GPS III begins a slow single flash. This then switches quickly to get what seems to be a 2 flash indication. Then after a bit of time, the flashing turns into a rapid flashing of the light. This seems to me that it is indicating that the GPS III has failed to lock on to any Satellites

    But here is my question:

    On the iGyro display, I get no read out that the iGyro SRS unit has sensed any "Searching" or "Lock On" of the GPS readout line. It displays "No Sensor". And on the "Sensor" line, it is blank and has no info like "Idle" or "In Motion" when the orignal GPS is hooked up to the iGyro SRS unit. When I hooked up the GPS III to the" PowerBox Terminal" site, I have selected "iGyro ".

    Sorry for posting in this Forum topic, but there was no GPS III option in the forum selection choices.

    Thank you for your time.


    Hello Richard,
    I have one of the first available Royal SRS units with the iGyro that were first sold at Joe Nall which is in a "Silver" case. I am starting to see some uncommanded flight inputs and was going to try to update the unit on line through the PowerBox Terminal site to eliminate it as the possible problem. I have never had a crash of anything like that to cause any damage and I have never tried to do an update on this unit because I thought that I remember something about these units could not be undated. Can this unit be updated through the Terminal or am I best served to send the unit in to you ?

    Thank You.
    Joe "PaPa" Stek