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    But channel 6 is my gear, So if i remove that, how will i actuate the retracts?

    Does this also explain the pixelating screen and the reset?

    Just tried on another problem.


    Hi Richard.

    Here is the video. I couldn't get it to pixelate and reset today, but yiu can clearly see the effect on the new mercury of 1 switch. I have changed receivers and the result is the same.



    i have a problem with a brand new out of box Mercury.

    When i switch one of the channels on my transmitter, the screen on the mercury 'pixelates" and then the mercury unit turns off. Whats the problen?

    receiver MPX rx9 dr srxl 16 connected via rx 1 port.

    2xlipo 2s batteries. Regulator set to 6v

    All other channels work fine. Its only receiver channel 6 that resets the mercury.

    Whats up?


    Hi Guys,

    I have a mercury SRS that I am connecting to two rx-9-dr-srxl receivers via the serial ports. All works fine. Plug and pray :-)

    Just a couple of things:

    1. How do i add extra telemetry sensors ? Do i add them in a series with the telemetry cable to the Mercury? All through one receiver, or do I add it to the second reciver? What are the 'rules'?

    2. If i'm using the PB telemetry socket, how can i connect a bluetooth adapter?

    3. On my display, it shows receiver voltage 5.9v (guess that's the regulated output) and 8.4v on battery 1 and 2 which i guess is the voltage at source. Frequently, I see the telemetry connection of one of the 8.4v batteries dropping out, as if no battery is connected. Do you have any thoughts about this?

    Love your products by the way. Rolls Royce standard (or should that be Maybach standard? :))


    thanks guys.

    I only need 9 outputs, and I suspect that 2x20A will be fine, but how do I calculate that accurately?

    Also, how is that 20A distributed across the channels.

    The only thing about saying 'if the gyro fails, you can turn it off' is fine at 100m but not at 5 metres! So indeed, despite the promise, there is a single point of failure that we can't get around. Or maybe I'm just not getting something?


    Hi guys,

    I wonder if you could help me with two questions?

    I have a 96" Turbo Raven and need a fully redundant (duplicated) system both in power and RF terms as its going to be over 20kg.

    I want a gyro, digital display, SRS and Telemetry. I will be using 2 x Multiplex RX-9-DR M-LINK receivers, linked into the powebox unit via SRXL.

    1. I like the Mercury, but why would I choose the Royal instead of the Mercury and vice versa?

    2. In the case of the onboard igyro failure, what does this mean for control of the model? Or is there redundancy in the gyro too?


    Neil :)


    Ive just bought my third powerbox. A mercury SRS igyro. whooo hooo!

    However, I am a little concerned, on my competition and cockpits i have mixed DSM2 satellites with DSMX on a single powerbox. The modulation set to DSM2 (for the transmitter)

    Now i read that mixing satellite types on the same main unit is not good. Does mixing satellite types on a powerbox cause problems?

    (i hope not, because I cannot remember what satellites are where and in what plane :shock::shock::shock:)




    I am using 2 x 3800mAh Nimhs for my SRS in a jet trainer. I am using Nimhs for CG and charge in plane reasons.

    Can you tell me what is better for charging the batteries? Should i
    (a)unplug the battery from SRS every time i need to charge, and charge directly to battery, or,
    (b)use a HD JR charging switch in between the battery and the SRS, so isolate the battery from SRS, without disconnecting, when i want to charge.

    I like (a) the best, its simple and reliable, but i am worried that in/out/in/out/in/out/in... might damage the SRS.

    Incidentally, I only have 1 arm, so i need to keep it simple!

    thanks for any thoughts