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    Hello Richard
    The Spektrum PowerBox should be with you Thurs or Friday, I have put a letter with it giving the details. I was using 9 channels and had all savox high voltage servos with one Hitec high voltage servo.
    If you need any other details please just send me a message or email.
    Charles M

    Hello Richard
    As you think it is a definite fault I had better send it to you so I will post it tomorrow to the PowerBox-Systems GmbH Ludwig-Auer-Strasse 86609 Donauwoerth Germany address, I trust that is correct. I will enclose a note re the problem.
    I do hope that you will be able to get it sent back reasonably quickly as I have an event coming up soon that I wish to fly at.

    Thanks but do you rely think it is a problem as everything works and it settles to green after a short 'warm up time' and I really did not want to have to take it all out of the aeroplane.

    Hi Richard
    I have done some careful checks and it seems that the problem on start up only occurs when the external temperature is low. Due to a frost last night the temperature in my workshop was 8 degrees C.

    1)When using 5.9 Volts there was no problem.
    2)When using 7.4 Volts the flashing lasted for about 2 minutes before a solid green was established. This happened for both battery sides of the unit.
    3)When the model was taken in the house and left to warm up. There was no problem a steady green was obtain immediately for both rates.

    Could you check a Spektrum Evolution at your end starting it after it has been at a low temperature (8*C or less) for a couple of hours to see it this is perhaps normal.

    Hi Richard
    Sorry to confuse the issue. I have charged the batteries and checked all the settings, I am on 7.4 Volts and all is working fine.
    I will keep in touch.
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi Richard
    Would it be normal that the res and stop led would flash if the voltage gets too low please. If so what is the a set voltage for this to happen.

    I was using the 7.4 voltage, I changed it back to 5.9volts and all is well. I have checked the capacity of the batteries which has gone down a little also the weather has been cold so could it be that the voltage given by the batteries was just too low when first switched on and then recovered sufficiently after a minute or too.

    Yes everything works. The flashing seems to only happen when the power has been left off for a long time. Eg the first time that it is switched on in the morning. Or say for about 5hrs.

    Yes it is the same side. it seems to flash like 12 123 12 3 to start with and completes after about half to one minute then is okay everything works

    When I switch on usually the first time that day on one side the RES and STOP leds flash, after a short time they flash more slowly and then after a total time of about a min they stop flashing and just the green led is on and the whole system seems to work okay. Both batteries are nearly fully charged and in good condition 2400 size. Thanks

    Thanks very much, Mechanical linkage is very good, but as the servos are rated to 8Kg I wondered if for example in doing a knife edge manoeuvre whether there would be too much current draw. The model is an Excalibur but the twin rudders are not very large. Would you be happy with that?

    I need to make one channel available is it okay to put my twin rudders on to a single channel. Each rudder is controlled by a Avox SV 1250 servo. So this would mean having two of these servos operated by one channel via a Y lead. Thanks

    Is the position of the satellites critical. I have been told it is good to use an extension lead and put the satellites in the wings well clear of the turbine. If so are extension leads available or is it okay to make my own. Please.