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    Und den Aufwand um eine Funktion zu kopieren, wobei die Servonummer evtl. nicht gleich sind und auch die Wege und Richtungen anzupassen sind?

    Not all functions are suitable for such a copy functionality. If they're not, then just don't put them in the library/repository.

    I always have the motor on "servo 1", and on all electric powered model, I always assign a servo cut-off on servo 1, triggered by a safety switch, along with speech output saying "Motor active" or "Motor not active".

    On Benziner Modelle I switch the ignition on/off using the same safety switch and a bit different speech output.
    Definitely suitable for such a functionality.


    it can be done using a function library, or repository if you like.

    When you click on a function, there could be a "save function to repository" button.

    Likewise, when creating a new function, a similar "import from repository" button.

    Pressing that one should open the file manager where you can pick the function you want to import.

    This can be done as long as all the definitions and settings for a function is stored as a complete segment in the xml-file, and can be identified by name.

    If the definitions are spread around in the xml, then it can't be done. At least not without a lot of programming.


    I have an "old" iGyro 3E used with a PBR9D, PowerExpander and a Gemini II and finally a SparkSwitch Pro.
    On the Core, only the Power Expander and PBR9D show themselves as Sensors.

    Question is, should the iGyro 3E show up?
    I know the SS Pro should show up, but what about the Gemini?


    Nope :(

    Check this short video, showing that screen and my fat fingers:

    Test Core Secuencer

    I also cannot delete it, as it says it is running

    I think I got it figured out.

    You can't access the servos or switch when the sequence is running.
    That means, if you set the mode to "SIngle" you need to wait 2 x 6 seconds after the last flip of the switch, allowing the sequence to run through.
    Then you can acces the switch and servos.

    If you set the mode to "loop", then the sequence keeps running over and over, and you can't access the switch or servos.


    I selected the wrong switch and also the wrong servos.
    However, once selected, I cannot change "Geber", "Mode" or Servos.
    I can go into the setup, where the green vertical bar is running forwards and backwards.

    Here also, i cannot add Punkte.

    Where am I failing?

    The 2.45 version was called back by Powerbox.
    Upgrading now only gives you the previous version which is 2.35

    I would suppose PB are working through the easter to fix the issue they had, and rerelease 2.45 pretty soon.


    I think I got it all to work now.
    Some minor details left concerning getting the flaps to move slowly in all flight modes.
    Not a big issue.

    I deleted the model and started all over again from scratch, carefully following the instructions from Hans-Peter.
    I even added elevator trim when the flaps moves down for landing.

    Thanks a lot.


    Here are all my functions:

    Different language than yours:
    Balanseror = Querruder
    Høyderor = Höhenruder
    Sideror = Seitenruder

    No separate function for the speed/thermik, as you said further up here was not needed.


    I copied all of your FM setting, so the sequence is:
    SW-E Landing / Klappen halb
    SW-E Crow / Klappen Voll
    SW-J Speed
    SW-J Thermik
    Both switches are 3 positions, and SW-J is inactive unless SW-E is in "off " position.

    Without setting up the speed/thermik flight mode, I get full flaps (80%) plus ailerons up, when using SW-E.
    After setting up flaps in the speed flight mode, I get flaps up (-20%) as I want, but then I only get 60% flaps down in the landing flight mode, and yes, the SW-J is off.
    Something seems to be interconnected here.


    Thanks a lot. it is really simple when you know how to do it ;)

    I now have the Landing/Crow stup working perfect.
    Switch center position = down flaps.
    Switch down position = down flaps + both ailerons up
    Switch up position = Normal/standard on flaps and ailerons
    I even added down elevator trim.

    When I then go to set up the Speed/Thermik, nothing moves.
    Do I need a separate function to control this?


    Hi all

    First of all, I’m a complete noob when it comes to setting up and using Flight modes.

    I have not had any use for FM's, but the times are changing so now I thought I'd figure this out.

    I have a Mpx Funray that I use as a testplane, and I wanted to set it up as shown in the photo.

    Sw-J (3-pos) gives me in pos 0, nothing, or standard if you like.

    Ailerons should move according to stick movements.

    For Pos 1 (Center) Termik, I would like to get 5-10% flaps down, and maybe some ailerons down.

    Ailerons still to move as before.
    I want the flaps to move only by using the FM switches, so I have not assigned any input for the flaps servos, just the fixed value "ON"

    For Pos 2 I would like a speed setting, with a little bit of up flaps and ailerons

    I just can't figure out how I get the flaps and ailerons to move as I want.

    Once that is sorted, I have Sw-E (3-pos) gives me in pos 0, nothing, as Sw-J in the same position.

    Pos 1 (center) down flaps for landing

    Pos 2 Add both ailerons up for a crow/butterfly setting.

    In addition to all of this, I would also need some elevator trim.

    I have looked through a number of videos, (Martin Pickering and PB USA) but I still can't figure it out.

    Please bear in mind that I am a complete noob here, so I would appreciate some detailed step by step instructions.

    If someone can show me the Sw-J setup, I can figure out the Sw-E setup afterwards.

    I hope..