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    Ok that sounds nuts,

    How about this:

    Normal Aileron & Elevator while flying

    but for landing I would like to use the ailerons as flaperons so they can both come down but act like ailerons?

    I'm not sure how fast the F-16 is going to land so that is why I would like to have the option of having flaps.

    Please explain more I don't understand.

    I have:

    Left Aileron , Right Aileron

    Left Elevator, Right elevator.

    I would like to fly the plane as a normal aileron / elevator in flight but for landing the ailerons would be flaps and the elevator would act like ailerons.

    How do I set it up? On my radio I set the wing type to normal with 2 elevators and 1 rudder, then for wing type I set it to 2 ailerons with no flaps.

    Once done How do I set up the igyro?

    do I map both ailerons into 1 channel and same for the elevators? and then set end points/travel via the servo matching?

    I'm very confused.

    Which servo goes to Aileron A (right wing?) , which to elevator A (right elevator?)

    What about Aileron B (left wing) , and Elevator B (left elevator)

    how about the radio, what do I set the radio up as NORMAL or v-tail. I'm using an 18mz radio.

    I am having a problem with my GPS ii units. I purcahsed these from my vendor, they were preset for futaba.

    I can no get these units to be detected by the mercury, I can not get these units to be detected by my blue com adapter, and finally even on a PC they will not get detected.

    I'm not sure if its because they were preset for futaba. If the need to be set to something else, how does one change it?

    I don't think something is wrong because I have 2 of these units and they are doing the same thing.

    ALSO I noticed the sticker on these is a darker blue and the serial sticker is silver. MY older GPS II units had a light blue sticker and a white serial no. sticker.

    Please provide me with instructions on how I can get it to work with my mercury srs. right now I am getting no device found error.

    I am having a problem with the Mercury SRS (version 08) and spektrum SPM9745 satellites. I have 2 satelites plugged into rx port 1 and 4. The frame rate is set to 22 and I have tried both DSMX and DSMX18 mode. I am able to bind both satellites and see the solid orange light.

    However, I am not getting any response from he servos, it appears they are not getting transmitter input.

    What could be the problem here? It is not a binding issue as the TX clearly says the satellites have been bound on 22ms mode.

    Recently my mercury srs unit has been giving me issues, it no longer holds elevator, this is in attitude assist mode, my jet starts diving and the gyro does nothing, I have to add trim to the plane to level it.

    Then as the flight progresses, I notice now the plane is climbing, again the gyro is not doing anything, I have to add down trim to level.

    This just started happening, what could be causing this? I flew many flights without issue.?(


    yes- if you want to have Aileron/Flaps and Aileron/Elevator, you can do that with Deltax2 option.

    But usually the F16´s are done only with Aileron/Elevator Delta. Flaps and Ailerons without gyro.

    Can you explain how the Delta x2 option works I have the same plane and I want to setup it so that both flaps and tail work like ailerons. Please supply step by step instructions

    That plate is a 1/6th balsa fiberglass sandwhich which is secured with with 5 machine screws and HAS NO PLAY AT ALL and does not flex. You area completely crazy if you think everyone that has a shockwave Glues this plate in. you would not be able to install the gear or access if this plate was glued. This is a jet not some vibrating 2 stroke, that plate is completely secured no bending or flexing at all. They mercury is also secured.

    I just found out that your system is incomptaible with the r7003SB because the rx goes into watchdog mode and will not wake up when using the IGYRO, I'm talkin with pilots in Europe that has lost planes. I will get the links and post the threads backing up what I said.

    I think there maybe an issue with the futaba r7008SB as well.

    What a waste, looks like you have no intentions of investigating and just prefer pointing fingers at the user :evil:

    Please explain what you mean by:


    One more question: if you are running the turbine on ground - in all RPM - are the surfaces still when gyro is on?

    If you are saying if I tested the gyro on the ground then yes, however, I take off with gyro turned off and turn it on in the air, for landings I also have the gyro off.

    For for trying the other 2 units:
    I'm not going to open the other 2 unless powerbox wants to issue me a refund for open units, I purchased them from Duralight Batteries and they do not accept returns for opened items. I can not risk my jet just to "try" the mercury, it is a safety issue and a financial one. Believe me if I was the only one that had issues I could say, ok lets try, but after talking to people I have on good Authority that even Bob Violet from BVM lost a model because of the IGYRO, similar situation where the unit would not respond to input.

    Most of the people that are using the igyro are using the 3e unit, very few people appear to be using the integrated units, perhaps there is a problem with this setup? Sbus Issue? Not entirely sure, however, I think you guys need to do some research before making a conclusion that your units are fine.

    Again, my posts were not to cause problems for powerbox, but just to provide you with notice form the field, we are having issues :cry: