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    Hello Richard,

    Thanks a lot for your fast response I highly appreciate it. Now you confirmed my doubts about Evolution Spektrum Powerbox that I may be missing a channel. According to your suggestion the option 1 without lights (no MicroMatch) will be:

    Er. Ar. Rfr. Fr. El.
    ___ Al. Rbc. N/U Fl.
    ___ T. G. B.

    And option 2 with MicroMatch for Elevator leaving an extra channel for lights will be:

    E. Ar. Rfr. Fr. Lgt.
    ___ Al. Rbc. N/U Fl.
    ___ T. G. B.

    E elevators when using one channel and MicroMatch for two servos
    Er. Elevator right
    El. Elevator left
    Rfr. Rudder front for nose wheel steering
    Rbc. The actual rudder at the end of the vertical fin
    Ar. Aileron right
    Al. Aileron left
    N/U not in use
    Fr. Flap right
    Fl. Flap left
    Lgt. Lights
    T. Throttle
    G. Landing gear
    B. Wheel brakes.

    Could you confirm the above statement please? And one last question about the MicroMatch:
    How many MicroMatch can be used on the PowerBox to release more channels? I use Mac/iPhone/iPad is it completely compatible for programming it?

    Thanks and best regards,

    Hello I have a question regading the connection of the servos from the powerbox. I have a JR 12 channel radio DSMX and I need to know how to connect 2 servos for elevator, 2 servos for ailerons, 2 for flaps, 2 servos for rudder. I also requiere 1 slot for gear, another for brakes and finally another slot for lights. Keep in mind that I am using the Evolution Spektrum Powerbox which already have the servos outlets with its designations:

    _____Blank. Blank. Blank. AUX2

    This is pretty much how it looks like because I couldn't add the actual photo of the powerbox.

    Thanks to anyone for your help.