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    Igyro sat and pbr7.

    Gyro gain in pbr7 menu set to 75%

    Knob on Core set to +/- 200%

    Elevator starts oscilating around 75% on the slider. Ok, i then want to adjust aileron and rudder by themselves using a rotary.

    Whats the best way of doing this?

    The esc puts out telemetry through the throttlechannel, allthough the manual does not tell exactly how the thrust reverser is being actuated it just states that you need a compatible spektrum receiver to have access to this function.

    Got a e-flite draco with a Pb Core 7ch receiver. This socalled smart esc has a thrust reverser function that requires a spektrum receiver with smart throttle according to the manual. Is there any way to gain access to this function with the Core system?

    Temp wire runs close to the ignition wires, can that be the issue? I can see the temp reading also goes in and out at the same time as the sspro. Apart from that all ignition components are situated well away from radio eqpt. SSpro approx 40mm away from ignition unit.

    What does that red triangle tell me?

    Sparkswitch pro connected to pioneer via tele output - fastrack input but the sparkswitch isnt appearing on the Core radio telemetry screen, only the pioneer itself along with the receiver and Core radio. Tried restarting and scanning for sensors. When restarting radio a Message appears that 2 new sensors are found…

    Everything else works normal.

    It works now, turned out to be the Powerbox mpx to jr wire that was faulty, from the ignition battery. The male jr connector had the wrong pins inserted or something they were to short to enter the female connector.

    Ive relocated the sparkswitch, but would you say that the wire from the battery to the sparkswitch poses a significant noise hazard to the radio system if i route the wire say 15cm from other components/wires?

    Either way, still is a nightmare to connect to bluetooth.

    this is not the best picture. Powercable to battery rear of the pro and back to a separate battery, powercable to ignition left side and upwards to ignition. Jumpercable from rx to pro i normally hidden beneath the plate, i know its messy😬;(

    Sparkswitch pro is connected to the pioneer and other connections as per manual. Impossible to connect with bluetooth, but if i disconnect wire from pioneer and use an another battery it works with the Bluetooth.

    Tried several wires with same result

    all servos working normally.

    Settings is pwm, regulator off and telemetry pbus.

    I still cannot get anything out of it, the LED is dark, no power to ignitions. Checked channel and switch on tx, 18mz until i take delivery from germany😎

    What am i doing wrong?

    How do i set servo center with the igyro?

    the rudder servo is offset after, i think, the system was turned on with the rudder stick slightly offset. All my trims is 0. Futaba system.

    S bus servo verified servo center 0 degrees.

    If i bypass the igyro and connect the servo to the RX the servo stays at correct position. Connect the igyro and the rudder moves 10 degrees ish when the system is turned on

    Servo is also impossible to trim back using transmitter.

    I have read the setup, it says Gyro Elevator-B for vector elevator and

    Gyro Rudder-B for vector rudder. Since i have a twin turbine can i then hook up Gyro aileron B for the other nozzle to have a true 3D thrust vectoring system?

    What is the recomended setup for a model flown only on tailerons and rudder along with thrust vectoring? This is a twin engine su-27

    Thinking about the gyro outputs names that gets me confused i.e gyro elevator A and B and same for aileron. Do you just use lets say aileron a for one of the tailerons and elevator a for the other? That leaves aileron b and elevator b available for TV right?

    Sofware versions not known since the Powerbox is yet to be unboxed

    I need a new connector on my lcd display for the royal srs. Its the connector that connects into the srs on the lcd harness. I know its an ERNI connector. Can anyone help source one of these, dont wanna buy a new display just for a faulty connector.