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    I recently have installed a igyro 3e in a turbine model for very simple use during flight when needed. Have it setup on a 3 position switch with middle selection off , forward for normal and aft for what I thought would be heading mode, the gain is set using the laptop terminal program. My light indication is all green (fwd), off (center), all green (aft), for the three switch position on my Futaba radio. So for some reason I am not getting any red lights in my heading hold positon. gyro orientation and direction seem to be ok. What am I missing or not doing correctly as far as what I was assuming should be seeing some red lights in hold mode? I am also using a Gps II sensor.

    Thanks for your help.

    I am having to use dual Elevator servos on a flying stab on a Jet and would like to use the servo matching function on my Competition SRS with Futaba S-bus activated with dual receivers. I am a little confused on how to use the ability to match my servos through the powerbox and would like to know if there is a specific set of instructions on this particular powerbox? I have searched online and found a video on a Royal SRS but the screen is different than what I see on my competition srs. I would like to know exactly where I should be plugged in for servo 1 and than servo 2 and what the procedure would be about going to get this performed. Any help is appreciated. :)

    I would like to know how to update the futaba sbus r7008 to make sure I don't have
    The frameloss issue others were having. I thought they couldn't get updates?

    I'm New to SBus and would like to know exactly how I should be hooking up my Competition SRS with Futaba rx's Question 1 is I have different sbus rx's like the Futaba R7008SB and the R6208sb is it ok to use the different receivers and is there some special hookup on the powerbox itself like rx 1 and rx4 or rx1 and rx2? or do the rx's have to be the same?