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    Hi Richard,

    Can you please provide a schematic diagram showing how to connect 2 x EX R3/RSW receivers plus the REX 3 900 MHz receiver and ENLINK with the Powerbox SRS Royal. I want to use the setup that Tassos uses in post #89 except that of the REX receivers are not available in the US yet. I have the DS-24 and want to use the two R3 2.4 receivers in dual path with the 900Mhz backup but am not sure how to hook up the ENLINK with the receivers and Powerbox SRS Royal. A diagram would really be nice since "a picture is worth a thousand words".

    Do you know if receiver FW v3.26 has support for UDI 16 or do you still have to use v3.24 with UDI 16?

    Thanks, Gary

    My system is PB SRS Royal, 2 R7008SB receivers, Teleconverter, CP Elektronics PMSB IAS sensor, and Futaba 18MZ. I finally got the teleconverter registered correctly after upgrading all software, having to clear out all registered sensors, and then re-registering the teleconverter. Now all PowerBox info is downlinked correctly to the 18MZ including the indicated airspeed in the speed window using the CB Elektronics PMSB IAS.

    However I am unable to change the speed info from metric units to English units by changing the units from metric to yard/pound in the 18MZ. The downlink display shows speed in km/h and the numbers are voice called matching the km/h numbers on the display. However the voice says miles per hour after the km/h numbers are called out.

    How can I change the metric km/h to MPH on the display and have the correct MPH numbers displayed also. Changing the 18MZ units from metric to yard/pound has no effect on the numbers displayed. Does the PB teleconverter only downlink in metric? Is there a way to change from metric to English units in the PB SRS Royal? I want to use MPH for my speed display and voice call outs.

    Thanks for your help.

    Richard, this is my first PowerBox product and I have some questions. I am very impressed so far.

    Model is 1/5 F-16. About 20 flights so far using Futaba 18MZ, R7008 Sbus, on Smartfly board with three decoders. I have removed the entire onboard radio system and am now installing 2 R7008 Sbus, Royal SRS with PowerBus to simplify the install, improve safety, and save weight. I have not connected anything so far. Still working out my channel mapping plan on a spreadsheet. I had used 17 channels before but I am planning on using one channel each for leading edge flaps, flatirons, and elevators and servo matching. This should give me extra channels for iGyro adjustments during test flights.


    1. I am using two A-123 2S 2600 mah flight batteries with an output of 6.6v. If I set the output voltage A and B to 7.4v, will I get the full 6.6v from the batteries to the servos?

    2. With 6.6v input and output voltage A and B set to 7.4v, what voltage will the receiver see while using Sbus2 for telemetry?

    3. When controlling the Royal SRS on and off with the SensorSwith do I have to disconnect the batteries for long term storage to avoid battery drain?

    4. I have been flying the jet using flaperon(aileron) and differential horizontal stabilizer mix for roll control. How do I set up differential stabs using the internal iGyro?

    5. I am using camber flaps in the 18MZ for flaperon flaps. Will I still get roll control and gyro stabilizing when camper flaps are lowered?

    6. Is it smart to use the A (Red) output on one side of the aircraft and B (Black) output on the other side?

    7. There all servos and electronics are PWM. There are 3 PWM Adaptors, one mid fuse left side, one mid fuse right side, and one in tail. The tail adaptor is in series with the left side adaptor. Can I assign both A and B outputs to the tail Adaptor?

    8. I am using the PowerBox dual output jet smoke pump. Can I connect the power to the A-123 3S 9.9v ECU battery or must I connect the power to the Royal SRS for the lower voltage?

    9. My Royal SRS was purchased new in November 2016. Do I need the update for using the R7008 Sbus for use with the new LBT protocol as mentioned in the "Futaba 7008 and powerbus on royal" forum posts? How do I know if my Royal SRS has this update?

    I'm sure I will have more questions as I get started. Thanks in advance for your help.