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    can is use two 7008 receivers plugged into the igryoSRS for redundense? rudder aileron and elevator into the Igryo other channels go to the 7008?

    I want to check my intended setup. Two 7008 (using channel 8 for sbus out,(setting futaba receiver to Mode B sbus out on channels 1-8) receivers into the IGyro SRS ports, bus 1 ad bus 2 port. Then the IGyro SRS into the Champion SRS receivers 1 and 2 impute and all flight control servos connected on the SBUS A and B outputs via sbus hubs and cables. I will be using the door sequencer to run the air solenoids those will direct plug into the output on the Champion SRS.

    Thanks for you help


    Hello Richard the questions is I have the older silver case royal SRS I know it needs a software update but does it need any hardware updates I fly futaba and will be using 7008.

    Thank you