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    Thank you Richard.

    The question was a little bit more technical. I have to made a lot of work to disengage igyro, update and re-install(2-3 hours..). If the new feature or the improvements are interesting for me I'll update.


    this is the running connection with satellites in AR12120 and in Igyro. The power of Igyro is taken by free channel in rx
    Connection via SRXL was done by changing 2 wire to 3 wire connection from the same port of Igyro and SRXL port in 12120 and, obviously, by setting SRXL port in Igyro but, as I wrote, it doesn't run.


    I'm using spektrum AR12120 and Igyro(release 23) with JR DSX9 dsm2 transmitter.
    srxl port doesn't run. To use Igyro I installed other satellites.
    If I use an other tx in dsmx it runs.
    Is it normal?

    Thank you

    Hello Richard,
    I want to install Igyro with AR12120 srxl.
    Igyro has to control 5 x 2.7 A servos @ stall.
    From Igyro specifications I can have 10 A max, I will be out of range.
    Can I take the power of servos from AR12120 and only the signal from Igyro?

    Thank you for support.

    Hi richard,

    you are confused because you are talking with 2 different person, Mr zoli_jet and jetfly.

    I'm using your suggests with very good results. The only problem are my finghers, it is not easy to hover with jets.
    Today other 9 flight with many tests. I've not found difference with or without boost (tested with value of 2,3 and 4) in vector axle but I thing that the problem is the engine, not enought power. Or/and not enought vector angle. Max for now about 15 seconds of hover then I lost myself(ever at full power or little bit lower).
    Next week I'll change the engine with 20N more trust and I'll increase vector angles, do you suggest me to totally reset the Igyro?


    Hello Richard, the setup runs well but... it is not so easy to made hovering!!!
    During my tests I moved normal value from 70 to 100% but, from my point of view, stabilization in vector is not enought.
    What do you think if I start to add some points of boost?

    Thank you for your precious council


    Hello Richard,
    Thank you very much for your suggestion. An other question: aile heading/normal value during vector?
    Model design is similar to futura.

    Thank you

    Hello Richard

    I have to made maiden flight with new jet+2 axle vector(vector no under Igyro).

    Igyro v16, dsx9 radio, standard configuration(no delta)

    I haven't enough channels so I'll set Igyro with standard test flight assistance procedure then I remove aux channel to use it for vector.

    When I run 2 axle vector Igyro switch to FM3 and heading mode of rud, elev and aile in this flight condition is “0”

    Obviously I lost the advantages of rudder heading (knife edge, slow rolls, etc) but I have the advantage of “normal” during vector flight.

    Have you some suggestion or different setup ?



    What do you mean when you talk about "Boost function added, better stability for inertial planes".
    If I update from V15 to V16 I loose my settings?
    I'm really satisfied about v15. In case that I don't like v16 reaction can I come back to v15?


    I've yet tested your "trick"during installing and it runs but I suppose that the algorithm of rudder was different of the elevator. The possibility to made error during setup is very high. I'll try it in next month, now I fly!!!


    Last week I made about 20 flight with Igyro......WOW!!! no other flight without it! Very easy to set ! Very good response !
    Only a little point: in landing I can't use Igyro(elev heading), the response of elevator (flaps @ 80°in landing position) is not enought and the model climbs too much. I used my old mix.
    I totally removed heading mode of rudder (FM2 and FM3 are now the same), I prefer to mantein the total control of rudder during knife edge and slow rolls. But this function runs well.
    Now I want to switch my vector trust to igyro controls. The only problem is that I have 2 free channels in igyro, 1 aile and 1 elev but I need to use 1 elev and 1 rudd.
    If it will be possible, in the future, can you eliminate AILE-B and introduce RUDD-B? In this case It will be possible to use igyro in heading mode of all channels(RUDD-A will be rudder, RUDD -B will be trust vector around Z axis, ELEV-A will be elevator, ELEV-B will be trust vector around Y axis).

    An other little question.I bought an other igyro, for my little and very fast tubine-delta. Can I remove 2nd rx and use only igyro? In my model I have only 2 servos in delta mode, no rudder(I can use rudder channel for throttle obviously with 0 gaig in normal/heading ) and direct connect battery to igyro?



    I’ve installed igyro, updated firmware to v15, set directions, removed all mixing(rudd/elev used for knife edge and thro/elev to maintain the same altitude at different speed) and old flying mode(used to made trim compensation of elevator with flaps).
    I have to made ”first fly” to set exactly the trims but, without my old flying mode, the land will be very difficult(I remember my first fly with this model without flap-elev compensation… the risk to loose the model is very high).
    Only for the first two flights (1st to set trims, 2nd to normal/heading aile set) can I introduce a flap/elev mix under flaps button?

    During the 3rd flight, obviously without flap/elev mix and in FM2(with right set of aile/elev normal/heading ) what will be the reaction of the model with extended flaps?

    What is flighrecorder added in V13?

    I'm sorry for my bad english.....