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    Hi Richard,

    When I try to save the configuration parameters of the Mercury SRS, nothing seems to happen. the green bar run from left to right indefinitely! What I missed?


    Thank you Richard. I don´t know, both servos are disconnected and reconnected simultaneously, exactly at the same time. It seams that the Mercury is turning off the power to this right elevon function. But I will try again this evening and repeat the Servo Match procedure, just in case.

    My concern is why the Mercury shut off power when reach the extreme position instead of keep the output in his limit?

    I'll be back!

    Hi people, I have a Mercury SRS configured as delta with vector mode in a CARF Rookie II. While checking the elevons deflection range, I realized that pulling elevator stick in transmitter to extreme up and then aileron to max right, the both servos of right wing are disconnected (check video inside this zip) . Releasing stick back a little to less elevator or less aileron, the servos are reconnected. I got same behavior with a Jeti DS24 system an with a Futaba T12Z.

    Any idea about this issue?