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    Ciao Richard,

    it seems the Spektrum TM1000 full range telemetry trasmitter is discontinued and it won't be replaced with a new one.

    This because the Spektrum are moving to integrate the telemetry trasmitter inside the receiver.

    Therefore, the receiver will be a must to trasmit telemetry data.

    Hovewer, the X-bus is still available on new receivers.

    New Spektrum controlled model won't be able anymore to use telemetry Mercury telemetry data.

    Maybe satellites must be connected to the Spektrum receiver.

    I have two models and two TM-1000 but I suggest you that it is a good time to revise the unit Spektrum compatibility design...

    Hope to have news about that.


    ciao Richard,

    Thank you for your reply.

    If I connect both ground wires to one wind connector pin, I suppose all ground servo pin are also connected together inside the mercury, this is a ground loop.

    Could it be an issue?



    Due to some pin number limitation, I have to connect two servos to the mercury using only 5 wires.

    Is it ok from your point of view if I'll s hare the ground wire between the two servos?


    Is there any news about that issue? It was a defective unit or someting else you can share for knowledge?



    If I where you, I'll try to keep the same type of satellite on eachmodel.

    Each model should have only DSM2 or DSMX satellites.

    The reason is because if you mix them, they will use the lowest protocol version: DSM2.

    At the end if you mix them you can use only that "old" protocol.

    You own a good radio DSMX capable and some DSMX satellites.

    Why don't use the new protocol? You have just to rearrange satellites and rebind.

    The DSMX protocol take advantages of frequency hopping instead of only two random fixed channel of DSM2.



    could I have better stability against wind during the final approach and landing if I keep the gyro active?

    Is there any concern about "gyro landing"?

    Thank you in advance.



    does the Mercury provide any sort of power protection? I mean: in case a servo fail and start to draw a very high current even short circuit, does the unit be able to avoid the power supply voltage drops for other components?


    does the radio link reliability equivalent between a Spektrum receiver equipped with four satellite and the Mercury unit equipped with four satellites also?

    I'm evaluating between a standard Spektrum receiver + powerbox unit and a Mercury alone with satellites.