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    Hi Richard

    Is this Powerbox sensor 5.9v suitable for Predator 1.8m (70″) 8kg turbine jet with 8 cordless servos? (specs below)

    I do not want to use a PowerBox Competition SRS or Mercury. I only want the power supply.



    Operating Temperature: 14° - 122°F (-10° - 50°C)Running Current (no load): 100mA @4.8V, 120mA @6.0VStall Current (at locked): 4000mA @4.8V, 5000mA @6.0VIdle Current: 5mA @4.8V, 5mA @6.0VWire Length: 250 +/- 5mmOutput Gear Spline: 25 ToothBearings: 2BBOperating Travel: 100° (1000 → 2000 µ second)Neutral Position: 1500 µ secondPulse Width Range: 800 → 2200 µ secondMaximum Travel: Appx 130° (900 → 2100 µ second)Refresh Rate: 333 HzMotor Type: Coreless

    Hi Richard

    I have 2 questions regarding a spare Mercury i have and would like to use in my jet

    1. Can i use a Mikado Vbar Neo with the Mercury with S-BUS as a satellite and how would i compensate for the auto trim function in the NEO and use the full function of the Mercury.

    2.Could i completely bypass the gyro in the Mercury and all other functions and just use it as a S-BUS hub for the extra channels needed, then to use the VBar NEO's gyro and auto trim and set up functions?

    Hi Richard

    I did use the flight assist and it did set it to 3

    I also see the gain settings are rather high after the test flight assist

    AILE A&B

    GAIN NORMAL : 63%



    GAIN NORMAL :77%



    GAIN NORMAL :87%


    Hi Ricard

    looks like I got it to work .

    reset back to factory settings and started over.

    can you confirm the suggested air speed setting please for 100cc extra 300?

    Hi Richard

    I'm still struggling to get it to work, I have also taken my model and TX to our local Power box dealer for help and still no luck.

    any suggestion? could I not skype or face time you for assistance?

    Hi Richard,

    im really struggling to get it to work in the set up assist, when I have my switch SG in the back position for what I was hoping was flight mode 1 it only move to 1 when I turn the knob LD in flight mode 2 turning the knob to set the gain it jump from 1 and 2 and when I go to heading mode it jumps from 2 to 3.

    im thinking of starting from scratch and setting up a new model on my transmitter and binding my 2x R7003SB.

    if I do this will I have to also rest the competition SRS from scratch?

    or will I be able to just reset the gyro SRS?

    your help will be great

    Hi Richard

    I'm having the same problem as above with my Futaba 18mz could you guide me in the right direction please to set it up again?

    (it was all working well for the last year until I did an upgrade and then got a very bad flutter from the igyro srs and GPS ii)

    Hi Richard

    I am using the GPS 2 connected to a igyro SRS and a competition SRS and I have a Futaba 18MZ

    I have 2 questions:

    The 1st is what is the default factors setting of the GPS 2, iGyro or M-link?

    No 2, My I use the GPS II to work with the Gyro default set up and for the Tx telemetry with the 18MZ and if so how would I go about to set it up?



    Hi Richard

    1.I'm using v24 not sure what you are saying, I use to be able to see my total time used after a days flying at the field e.g 55min now it seems to reset after every flight after I switch off the unit with the magsensor the next time I turn it on T= 0

    2. It's a GPSII with a Gyro SRS

    Hi Richard

    I'm using a new set of batteries, and I did change the batteries chemistry type to (Life) in the power box set up from the old Li-ion I was using. I turn the unit on and off with a Magsensor as before, the only difference now is that every time I look at the operating time on the power box it has reset itself to 0.?

    I'm also using a Gyro SRS on this set up that I have been flying with for some time now and on today's flight it oscillated rather badly on the elevator

    Your thoughts please



    Hi Richard

    Got it to work, set gyro on 18mz on 3 position switch sc on ch 8 but also had to set it up in prog.mixes to see it change on the servo monitor screen.

    Another question please for the fly assist set up do I only have to set up 1 Chanel for the gain set up? E.g. Ch 9 on LD rotary for the set up on 1 flight.



    Hi Richard

    Ok thanks I managed to get connected and set up the competition SRS servo matching,throttle and spark switch and it all works nicely.

    I would just like to know , I am now trying to set up the Igyro SRS in set up assist and it will not let me go past the 4th set up screen ,after it picks up the flight mode Chanel and I try select OK.

    I have to reboot the system and try start again but same thing happens again.

    I would like to do a Factory Reset on the I gyro SRS ,will It it also reset the Competition?