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    I usually rely on flight modes based on the flap position to drive separate trims for elevator and ailerons.

    Flap 0 is setup with Gear Up

    Flap 1 is setup with Gear down

    Flap 2 is setup with Gear down

    This tends to work well for my style of flying.

    I have a new plane that is taileron only, have flaps, slats and a large speed brake. I have not maiden it yet, but wondering if I need to expand the scenarios where a separate trim will be helpful.

    I added more flight modes based on the Gear and flaps combination. I also looked at including the speed brake position, but could find a way to do that in CORE. Not sure i really need this at this point, just wanted to ask if anyone know is this is possible. See below.



    When looking at a CORE log in the Terminal program, I notice that it does not show all the data.

    I have a logging session with six files (00 to 05). I can compare the log data looking at the #Time=0x5F3930C7 line in the last file (05), last record with what it shows in the Terminal program. In this case is not showing the last ~ 15 minutes of data.

    Is there a max time length to be shown in the Terminal program?

    I can provide the log files if that helps.


    Assuming you have two different servo/channels for the rudder and steering, I just create a function that follows the rudder stick and use it as a master in a mix to the nose steering servo.

    Say function "Stick Rudder" with control setup to the rudder stick (i don't remember the stick letter). This becomes the master of the steering servo in a mix. Since it has no relationship with the rudder servo or rudder function, the travel is not affected. You can do your fin tuning in the Tx using sub-trim, travel end points, or mixer %.

    I do the range test at around 200 feet / 61 meters distance. I do it with the engine on, and also rotate the plane in all 4 directions.
    I'm looking at LQI still being at around 50% or better for at least one of the antennas/receiver at any time for each direction.

    The 50% LQI is not really a hard limit, but if I can get there I feel its ok.


    i understand that if I want an alarm for a low LQI value, I should put it in a receiver widget.

    However if I lose complete communication with the receiver, I get no alarm. Th only way to get an alarm is to put one in a CORE tx widget for LQI.

    Is this the correct way to know if you are losing connection with a receiver?

    I though that the CORE widget in LQI is measuring the data "return" channel, so while it works, is not really measuring what I want to.

    Appreciate any insights.

    I think hold = going to failsafe positions... not sure

    If yes, I think it may show in the receiver status

    SUMMATION: I do have confidence in the Core, but only with 4 receivers when flying at my field. For me, it is mandatory to have 4 paths for the signal to get through so up to 3 of them can be severely degraded leaving 1 to hold the line for the second or so it takes for one of the other receivers to pick up the load


    May I inquire about the setup to be able to use 4 receivers? I know the Tx can bind to them, but do you use "Royal" like central where the servos connect?

    I'm familiar with the XPS24 that can connect to 4 receivers, but wondering if there is another solution out there.



    I use Vspeak with my JetCentrals. I think you can also use Digitech CTU

    With the Vspeak you can put an alarm on any value in the telemetry. For example RPM, EGT or pump voltage With this you can get an alarm, but only sound and/or vibration. No voice alarm yet.

    Frankly, I'm not yet satisfied with the Core on this. I came from Jeti Ds-24 where I could use a telemetry control that will create a switch to be "ON" once the EGT achieved a certain temperature. Then I will have an alarm on pump voltage that will trigger a voice "Flameout" message when the pump voltage went to < 0.1, but only if the EGT switch was "ON". With this I could avoid the flameout alarm before the engine was started.

    I don't think there is a way to do this with the Core.


    The logs shows these controls as possible values for recording in the log. How do we select what are the controls to be recorded?

    In the old Weatronics system all channels data were recorded. Is this to record up to for channels?