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    It is a normal mixing (Not a v-tail/Delta model).

    I carried out the reset process by button and it gave the fast flashing which confirmed the reset. However, the surfaces responded to the model movement even before moving the sticks on the radio to teach the iGyro the required travel limits. I believe that the travel limits will remain at 0% as long as the sticks are not moved after a reset right?


    Hello Richard,

    I noticed that my iGyro 3e drives control surfaces beyond the programmed travel limits (almost 50% more and measured by proper tools). For this specific model it is not an issue but it can be a major problem with my other control-sensitive models such as jets.

    Radio : Jeti DS-16

    Receiver : Jeti R7 Rex

    Servos : Hitec HS-55

    Power : 6v 2000 NIMH

    The iGyro and travel limits have been fully reset by Bluetooth as well as by the button.

    Radio and receiver are updated to the latest software.

    I might be missing something in the setup process. It is my the first model to fly with it.


    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the explanation. When I assign a 3-position switch, should I program the end travels to the optimum gain value on proportional switch? Or I should just keep the switch at -100/0/+100?


    While connecting a GPS II to iGyro 3e for an enhanced gain control, I came up with the following questions :

    1- How is the GPS II connected to iGyro 3e? Should I plug it directly to "Gain" channel on the iGyro?

    2- Does the GPS II take its power from the iGyro?

    3- Are Gain/Mode controls by transmitter possible after connecting GPS II?

    The above information couldn't be found in both items' user manuals.


    Has anyone used Jeti Duplex MGPS to feed iGyro with speed instead of using the GPS II Sensor?

    How was the connection made? And were you able to use the MGPS as a normal telemetry sensor at the same time? :S

    This question was raised here by another member in 2013, but a lot has changed since then