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    I am about to test fly my jet with tailerons. I have this working properly by setting the wing type to Delta. To make the tailerons act only as elevators for the maiden flight- is it as simple as re-selecting the wing as Normal? Can I switch back and forth without a huge amount of reprogramming? Thanks

    I am attempting to program a Mephisto that can utilize tailerons (elevators acting as ailerons). I can get these to work by setting up the Powerbox as a delta wing configuration. My question is- Can the taileron mode be turned on and off with a transmitter switch so that the elevators work only as elevators? I'm using a DX20.

    I am attempting to set up a new Powerbox Royal with my Spektrum DX20. I have bound the transmitter as DSMS and mapped the outputs. I can't get the Powerbox to "see" the associated flight (gyro)channels. When I attempt to initialize a channel and move the transmitter sticks - nothing happens on the display. This is the case for all of the flight channels intending to use the gyro. The "direct" functions like throttle, gear and brakes seem to be working fine with the powerbox. I'm sure I'm overlooking something simple. Thanks

    After repeatedly plugging and unplugging the ribbon cable- the display has improved somewhat. But as you can see there is still some pixels missing towards the bottom. The line for the "3" and the "H"are missing. It seems this row doesn't work & what is readable is different depending on what menu I'm in.

    I'm having trouble reading the display on my Royal SRS. Several of the pixels are not lighting up. It is almost impossible to set up. I have plugged and unplugged the display to the controller and it seems to change which pixels don't light, but the issue remains. I suspect something wrong with the ribbon cable? Any suggestions?