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    Hi Richard

    Today i switched on my core and After the CORE appeared on the screen everything stays black....and no function at all, tryied several times .....the same

    I didn do nothing from the last time i used It....10 days ago ad normally switched off....

    Please help me:(

    Hi rudi

    I m spending hours to update mercury srs v8 to v11... No way

    Connect bluecom ok..... Mercury shows bluecom control..... From menu i can enter settings....but when i try to update it stsys in preparing.... forever.... Even in rescue mode....

    Using huawei android and samsung the same

    Hi all

    Can you help me with wiring, i need to connect gps2 and pbs-16 on pbr-9D, i connected both sensors with Y lead to p2bus on receiver, but sometimes when i search for sensors the core doesn'find one of them...

    And another issue is that if i search for gps menu on the core it starts but stops at 75% of search and stsys there forever....

    I will use the final setting with the cockpit srs +2x pbr9d and gps and pbs16, can you show me the correct connections for this setup?

    Thanks a lot


    hi again , software version updated , it seems that the problem is gone !! I only tested it for few minutes and no glitch is advised anymore ! I'll test it for longer time and i'll let you know !
    Thanks ;)

    hi Richard ! Tomorrow i'll update it and iblet you know !
    Tx hitec.....aurora9...

    Rx hitec

    I use it on other two cockpit without problems ...

    I let you know if the update will solve tge problem !! ;):)

    hi there !!

    Hope you can help me !! I have 4 powerbox , with the last cockpit i purchased few months ago i'm experiencing an occasionally servo glitch ,
    I tried to change everything , rx , servos , wires......nothing ......sometimes ....( may be after minutes sometimes) one servo has a quick glitch , the same happens on the pb royal of my friend sometimes,

    I'm using pb cockpit with savox 1230 and 1256 , my friend with jr ds8911

    Firmware is v13 on my cocpkit

    Please help me
    Ciao Lorenzo