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    Hi Richard

    I have finally got it all to work, this is the set up


    General screen PBR-9D set to SBUS

    General screen PBR-26D set to SBUS

    Royal screen TX set to P2-BUS S.BUS

    PBR-9D plugged from Fast track to RX1

    PBR-9D plugged from PBUS to TELE

    PBR-26D plugged from fast track to RX2

    Hi Richard,

    I have the following setup, can you confirm it is correct

    PBR-9D plugged from PBUS in to RX1 on Royal and core set to S.Bus General Setting screen.

    PBR-26D Y lead plugged from PBUS in to RX2 and TELE on Royal and core set to S.Bus in General Setting screen.

    Can you guide me to a tread or setup video for setting up the Core to Royal.

    I’m using PBR-9B which uses the first 9 servo outputs from the Core, I am trying to set the royal up from servo 10 and not sure if it’s Direct 1 or Direct 10, tried both and the servo is not working.

    The reason for using a PBR-9B is to add mote inputs as the model has 29 servo inputs.

    I think there is an issue with the Powerbox royal as the servos do not move but then they start twitching on there own

    Thank you Richard, all working perfectly, first time with Jeti and Mercury.

    On device Explorer/Alertantive Pin Config I did have to change outpin 3/E2 from servo to serial UDI 16ch

    But I guess this is something you have to do all the time, I missed that ????

    I guess this has happened before so please guide me to the correct thread.

    I am unable to get the mercury SRS to work, I have a signal to the receiver but the Powerbox is not working, it asks to set to 10ms, I can only go down to 12ms, is there another screen that I am missing

    The front screen does not recognise the Rx, it’s just blank

    I have set the Powerbox to JetiUDI

    Thank you in advance