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    I am using a 3s 2500 Powerpak eco as a turbine ecu battery, The size of the model means there is 1 metre of cable between battery and ecu and I am getting errors and starting issues I believe due to voltage drop on startup

    Could I use a second Powerpak in parallel on a short T lead just for startup? Then remove when turbine is running?



    I have a model with 2x 2s 2500 eco Powerpaks and 1x 3s 2500 for turbine with the additional voltage telemetry sensor (Using a Core, 2x 26d)

    My question is what would be a sensible low voltage alarm to set on the Core? As in a reading to tell me when to pack up and go home! 7 volts on 2s?


    Hi Richard,

    sorry I think I know the answer but just want to make sure in case of any error

    I have been lazy updating my Core but I want to update to the latest 1.8 version, I am not totally sure what version I am currently using but can I jump from for example 1.2 straight to 1.8 and gain all the updates? or do I need to update each version in turn?




    I am setting up a Mercury with the Core using 2x 26d receivers, I keep getting one Rx showing a blank message on the Mercury display (RX1 blank RX2 Ok) after a short amount of use, when I first turn it on I get both Rxs showing OK

    I have tried deleting and rebinding the Rx which fixes the problem momentarily but then it always shows a blank message after a short time, it always binds successfully

    if I remove RX2 patch lead I get no servo moment (RX1 is getting no rf signal)

    I have tried new patch lead with no change

    both Rxs show solid green light, Mercury is updated to V10



    1. Conntect the USB wire, Y-harness and battery to the computer
    2. Start the Terminal
    3. Select Receiver update
    4. Click search
    5. Then connect the receiver

    The Update feature from the radio comes soon!

    I managed to update all my Powerbox units/GPS/receivers today and set up a new jet, the model setup on the transmitter is so easy, I am really happy with the Core after being 100% JR for so many years!

    I found I had to be quite quick connecting the receiver after pressing 'search' but no problems after that

    With one of my laptop, the only way I managed to get it to work is hitting “start search” and then rapidly connecting the jr plug to the receiver port. Obviously the usb interface must be already connected to the computer and ready with the y cable and battery connected

    Thanks I will try that, have now tried 2 laptops, 3 Rxs, fully charged battery, still cannot get the terminal to connect to a receiver

    Hi David,

    thanks for your reply, I have tried every different option including re installing the app, trying different receivers, different order of how I plug in RX and open terminal, nothing makes any difference, the only thing I have not tried is charging the battery, it was at around 85% charge so I will charge it and try again

    when I updated my mercury I found the process different to what I had read on this forum, I could not connect the unit via the sensorswitch as stated in the instructions, then all of a sudden it appeared in the terminal and I was able to start the update, perhaps this is similar to your hit and miss experience of connecting the RX?


    I am trying to update my 26 and 9ch receivers, I have downloaded the powerbox terminal and windows 10 drivers however I cannot get the terminal to recognise the receivers.

    when I click 'start search' nothing at all happens except 'suche empfanger' appears underneath

    I have managed to update a Mercury this morning so this would suggest the USB is working ok

    I have the receiver, 2s battery and y lead installed as per your picture, (lead plugged into Pbus port?) the status light flashes green then red

    thanks for any help


    I am currently setting up a Mercury SRS with a GPS II, everything else is working as it should although I have a constant ‘search’ on the screen and a flashing green light, no signal.

    I am using a JR 28X and have read conflicting information about whether the GPS is actually compatible with DMSS, I am only looking at using the GPS for the gyro on the Mercury not telemetry on the transmitter

    I have mounted the GPS on my retract control box, could this cause bad signal (although i am getting no signal whatsoever which makes this seem unlikely)