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    Trim set up

    Are you on the latest firmware? Could you try say remove the trim button and adding it again in from the function menu and see if it allows you to do it after removing.


    First adress the trim knob you want at your green arrow

    Done that and I get the black screen… I also deleted the trim on my rudder and now also getting a blank with Trim Position: undefined%. Something not right with the firmware


    So I am trying to set up a Jet with Nose wheel Trim. I set up a servo channel for it, then go to function and press the Trim button. It comes with Trim Position: undefined% and all the boxes are blank. What dies that mean? I tried to input all the details and does not allow me to select a Trim Control. What am I doing wrong? Also getting an error. Pictures attached.



    So I want to use Cortex Pro with PBR 26D and say a different power management / servo box with Sbus input. The PBR 26D has 2 ports on it P2 Bus and Fast Track.

    Where do I connect the Sbus cable on the PBR 26D, What port? Can the Fast Track port be used as Sbus?


    Surely this is where Richard Deutsch jumps in and says either way - for a simple new switch not to disconnect the batteries? Come on. Asking for more issues than it is saving. I am sure 99% do not do it this way.

    You missing the point here mate... did you read the prior comments about someone else had lost model data and had nothing to do with the batteries....

    Well, after model recovery from backup it’s working ok so far. Maybe it was a once off thing. Let’s wait and see. Don’t get me wrong. I love the product... just a bit taken back with the issue and afraid if I start programming my bigger jets and loose data... something I need to keep an eye out for and as mentioned others were saying they lost data too.

    All good for now..


    Sorry dude, not to be rude...but I´m a little shocked about what you do on this well developed product.

    It’s ok, I don’t expect you to understand.. but nothing to do with developed products.. please read the whole thread and also other people losing the model data. I really don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to understand the reason to remove power sours from electronics before you touch it. It plain old common sense.... lol. Never mind my issues are sorted out and recovered my model data from backup.

    So please clarify - you replaced a switch (Which I have done, simple remove, plug in new one) and disconnected the battery?

    Please clarify this part - if so, how did you disconnect the battery?

    Ok.. to make it clear... I disconnected the 2 radio batteries... it’s just common to do so for safety... now you will not be changing light bulbs with power switch ON.... would you... well it arguable....

    As I was going to pull out connectors for the old switches from the board.. I pulled the battery.., this is not my first radio... I have used them all... Even a jeti radio manual advises to remove battery terminals before playing with the board.....

    I think it’s common sense to do so. The radio has an internal battery for retaining settings... so that should be self explanatory....