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    Not sure what’s happening here. My pioneer says V7.0, doing an update which says V1.0. Is it an error? The pioneer is brand new out of the box. Please see attached screenshot.


    If you want telemetry then you have to use the cable loom supplied with the pro. Then you just connect the receivers normally to the pioneer via SBUS2 port to receiver telemetry.

    If you decide going to the serial route, then you have to connect the cortex pro to SBUS port on the receiver

    Thanks for that.

    So telemetry will not work with serial port, only wire loom. That sucks.


    no, just GPS and iGyro to the Fasttrack. Then the gyro works and you get telemetry including GPS data.

    let me get this right. I use a Y cable connect GPS III to it and

    Igyro Sat to it. On the other end of the Y cable I connect it to Fast Track input on the pioneer. Correct? This will work with all Telemetry on the Futaba 18MZWC as long as the RX is connected to S-Bus 2?


    I ended up using the cable loom supplied with the pro to be able to get telemetry values from the pioneer. The other option is to do it in serial. You connect two receivers to the pro. And you connect from the pro to pioneer in the two receivers ports. Let me know if you want more details

    Please give me more details. Do you connect the Pro outlet to S-bus 2 for telemetry?


    Thanks for that. After checking the Gear and brakes, they will have their own 2s Lipo. I plan to buy powerbox sensor 7.4v after your input.

    The RX manual says “ Up to 35 amps continuous and 50 amps peak current handling capability”. Just to clarify the spektrum AR12310T RX has two input leads. How do I physically connect it. And will the sensor handle that above Amps rating.



    It’s a Navy cat v3. ( Servos... ELE x2, AIL x2, RUD x2, FLAPS x2, STEERING GEAR x1 ) 9 servos in total. Has electric retracts, strobe lights. Using all 12 channels on Spektrum AR12310T(POWER SAFE RX). Plan to use Life battery for the RX. All ser is are HV, but happy to use with Life x2 with AR12310T RX

    I just wanted an On/Off switch like the PowerBox Sensor. What do you recommend?


    Can you tell me the use of the PowerBox sensor? Is it just a regulated redundancy switch? What is the maximum amp it can handle?


    i am planning to run a jet with 10 servos. would i be able to use Powerbox Sensor with spektrum AR12310T 12 ch powersafe RX? what AMP is the switch rated as?