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    Dear Richard

    Very grateful for your answer, to see if I understand the best option to have the information I want in the telemetry is to upgrade from Mercury SRS to Competition SR2.

    Changing the GPS II for a GPS III I understand would not have too much implication with my intentions, if instead, it would be worth it for its cost to upgrade the software from GPS II to GPS III, but unfortunately I am in Argentina.

    That is ?? The improvements of the GPS III as far as my use is concerned would not have too much impact or Yes?


    Hello Richard

    I have a mercury srs with GPS II, unfortunately being in Argentina the round trip shipping plus the cost of the upgrade is significant so the option is to buy a new module

    I just read the post and recommend not updating it if it works well with the Mercury.

    I use Spektrum telemetry and if I have not misunderstood one of the changes is the possibility to see the speed in my TX through telemetry

    I like to be up-to-date but since I don't really know the improvements and if they are in conjunction with the Mercury SRS significant to discard a GPS II and replace it with a GPS III

    I have purchased a Competition SR2 for another model together with the Igyro Sat and GPS III modules, I will also use it with Spektrum telemetry until I buy the Atom.

    Something that I cannot see in the telemetry is the battery consumption, I do not know if it only happens in the Mercury or if it happens the same in the Competition, when I have the Atom radio I will be able to see it, or it is a restriction of the Mercury and Competition control units ??



    I have read that it is possible to convert the GPSII into GPSIII, but that the only way is to send it to the factory, that the cost is 10 euros plus return shipping

    I live in Argentina, where everything is complicated, sending it to Germany has a very high cost and also after returning I must pay all customs taxes again, if I think well it is almost even better to buy a new one for the difference.

    I ask: I have both interfaces, Bluetooth and USB for PC, if you connect remotely to my PC or to my cell phone, there are no possibilities to carry out the Upgrade? The same I am willing to pay the 10 Euros of the cost

    Hi richard

    Thanks for your answer

    So I understand that to connect telemetry sensors the way is in parallel with the connection of the receiver to the competition sr2.

    For example, if I need to connect a speed pitot tube sensor, that sensor has an input and an output of the bus, can I put a y lead and connect the receiver and the sensor and at the sensor output place the xicoy interface of the turbine?

    Wouldn't this affect the response speed of the receivers?

    The Telemetry input of the competition sr2 control unit, what is it used for?

    Hi !!

    I have interest on a New Competition SR2 with iGyro SAT and GPS III, I use Spektrum radio I understand the receiver necesary are Spektrum SRXL2 SPM4651T, I have planned to use the Jets Munt Xicoy telemetry fo the turbine.

    Where is the connection wich I need to use or In wich place need to put ??

    Hi Tigger

    Very grateful for your advice, I have been playing with the speeds of the servo and the Hitec programmer and as you indicated when setting the Flaps with low speed or reduced speed it was easier for me to find the right speed to match

    Problem solved

    Hi Richard

    Thanks for your answer, and if I'm flying with a DX9 my RC Jet

    I will already buying a Core, it is very difficult with our currency exchange at this moment, but it is in my plans and priority. I was at the Jets Festival in Chile and fell in love with its radio transmitter equipment, but it is very expensive to our monetary exchange. I also like Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW very much, but I have a Peugeot Ja Ha ...

    A few years ago there was an advertising for Grundig TVs that said ¨German Technology, expensive but the best¨

    Without a doubt, their products are do

    Thanks OGG2000

    Yes, I have the lights on channel 9, with switch assigned, two positions to turn on and three positions that are the schemes. But all this is done with a single channel and two mixtures.

    I understand from your answer that I can temporarily use the light channel to set the gain of the iGyro and then with a single channel I can turn it on and switch between the flight options, either with a switch or with two or only need a switch of 3 positions for this?

    Once the iGyro is set, the gain channel knob would be unused and that channel will be assigned to the lights

    Is that so? I am right ?

    Thank you so much

    Hi !!

    I made a mistake in the decision to buy my radio transmitter, I bought a Spektrum DX9 with 9 channels without previously analyzing my needs.

    Now I am in the dilemma of how to operate the iGyro in my Mercury SRS and control its gain, as I understand, this needs 2 channels, one to turn the gyroscope on and off and another to control its gain.

    I use this configuration in my IA63 Pampa RC Jet, the 4 conventional channels, accelerator, rudder, ailerons and elevator, add retractable train in channel 5, flaps in channel 6, aerodynamic brake in channel 7, lights in channel 9, I have only left free for the iGyro channel 8.

    Spektrum markets a channel expander called X-Plus 8, but I don't know if it's possible to connect it to the Mercury SRS.

    Any idea how to solve my issue without the need to change my radio or I have no choice but to find a TX with more channels

    I understand your explanation that if the zero is different the position of the actuator arm changes and the resulting angle of start of movement changes, but this is not the case, the zeros are identical, the position of the arm is the same and the length of the turnbuckles It is the same, but Thanks to these tests I was able to discover that by reversing the direction of rotation of the servo its speed is different, it is a programmable Hitec Digital servo and I have the programmer, I will continue to look for how to do.

    If you can think of anything I will appreciate your information

    Thank you so much !!

    Thanks to this post I perfectly installed Kintech telemetry, the Powerbox Mercury SRS, additional voltage sensor in the TM1000 module and also the speed with pitot tube.

    Everything is working perfectly, I only have one doubt regarding the information that appears on the screen of my Spektrum radio in the Powerbox option, there are only the battery voltages and it says capacity but they are both at 0.

    Need to set something else?

    I use 2 LiFe Spektrum batteries of 2200Mah, do I need to enter that data?

    Waiting comments

    Matching Speed Too ??

    I'm a beginner with the Powerbox Mercury SRS and that's why I ask this question.

    I programmed 3 flight conditions on my Spektrum radio, in two of them the flaps are activated, I use only a channel with servo matching on Mercury, my doubt is that they do not do it perfectly simultaneously.

    In both positions one at about 18 ° and the other at about 30 ° the path is identical but the Flap on the right comes first than the one on the left.

    The assemblies, commands and servos are identical, I even tested the servos outside with a servo tester and the speed is the same.

    Is there any way to handle the simultaneity of the servos with the Mercury?

    Richard I apologize for asking without first investigating the functions of the Powerbox Mercury SRS, I was watching an instructive video by Martin Pickering, highly didactic where he showed the benefits of your product and how to use it properly. The option of autoprogramming was very good, and the video dispersed my doubts regarding the opening speeds of the landing gear gates.

    I appreciate in any way

    Hello Richard

    A question about the sequencer of landing gear doors: If I use an Electron actuator the opening and closing lasts between 3 and 4 seconds and it is very realistic, but with the standard Hitec servos I can regulate its speed? The model I am assembling is designed to use standard servos on the landing gear doors, if I used the Mercury SRS sequencer option, would it allow me to regulate the speed of the servos? I have some combination if not, to use the sequencer of a Spektrum DX9 radio along with the Mercury SRS and set the speed of the servos on the radio

    Hi Richard

    I am putting together a project to build a Jet and defining the elements that I will use.

    Powerbox Mercury SRS with GPS is one of them, the turbine would be a King Tech K120E and the radio could be Spektrum

    Am I between the DX9 and the DX18? I do not really find big differences for the function you have to fulfill, and with the budget difference you could buy telemetry accessories.

    I ask:

    Can I connect the telemetry of the turbine to the Powerbox Mercury SRS?

    They look at the Spektrum DX9?

    Can additional voltage sensors be added to the Mercury SRS or to the Spektrum telemetry to monitor the status of other batteries such as the one that powers the turbine, the one that powers the smoke pump or the one for the lights?

    I Understand I can use only three satellite receivers if I use TM1000 telemetry module is it wright ?

    Thank you very much for your advice