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    A response to the question from Henry would be useful. I could not find where you state the new policy he mentions. I have over twenty packs, mostly 2800, all good at the moment and I bought them on the understanding that the cells could be replaced when exhausted. I would like to know if there will still be support as these are no longer listed and for how long. Thank you.

    Could not find any mechanical issues, linkgaes are near identical, radio travel / limits setting are same, only a slight difference in sub-trim which cannot be fully avoided. Something could have gone wrong learning zero and end points maybe or something else we did. Anyway, we updated sofware as quite an old version and ran flight assist on ground to check effect of gain on travel and all seems good now:):) ready to test fly again. Thanks for your time.

    Hello Richard, I m helping a friend set up his mercury gyro. With the gyro off the elevators move equally as commanded by the radio. With the gyro on (mode 2) and the same gain set on Elev A and B via the flight assistant on the ground (so everything as as per default) I am finding that raising or lowering the tail causes one elevator to move much further than the other. I have checked everything I can think of, gyro settings are the same as set by running flight assistant, input and output mapping correct, no servo matching employed, standard model type, radio travel settings identical for both elevators. The only thing left to do is update software. Can you think of anything else that could cause this difference in elevator response for same gain value? Ive not noticed this before on my other powerbox gyro units. Is this normal and nothing to worry in actual flight? Thank you.

    I ve copied over model data into new Royal unit and installed it in my model. It is rock steady, no drift or glitches. I ll return the old unit to Donauworth and wait for your evaluation please as I think it has had its day.

    To be on safe side, I will use testflight assistant to set the gyro sensor in the new Royal unit.

    Thanks again for your help.


    As you can see from this thread, more than a year old, my Royal was causing servos to drift randomly when model was perfectly still in flight mode 2 or 3.

    I returned the unit and it came back with problem solved with new gyro sensor.

    Unfortuantely, the unit is doing it again but this time, much worse and if there is any slight movement or vibration of the Royal unit in the model, the control surface might even jump suddenly. Of course all goes back to nomal if gyro is put back to mode 1.

    Given this unit is more than 3 years old (black plastic unit but silver plastic screen) and mpore than 12 months since you replaced the last gyro sensor, is it worthwhile to send it back? I am now flying but not using the gyro as I cannot trust it.

    Second question is I have bought a brand new Royal (so you can see I am still a fan despite these issues :-). Is there any way I can transfer or copy over all my existing non-gyro settings from one unit to another and save a lot of time setting up again?

    with thanks


    Hello Richard

    Please can you explain which of the Mercury gyro chracteriestivs you reccomend and the resons why and if any are better suited to a particular type of model.

    1. As the ugrade defaults to Soft, I assume this is to be safe if users want to fly with the existing gains and do not want to start again and test fly with flight assistant. However, users must do this if they change to normal, hard or ultra? Is the factory default on new units soft or hard?

    2. From what I have read so far on this forum, the new standard is hard, which is the best option to try after ugrading and as stated above, the model will need gains reseting manually or with flight test assisstant.

    3. When would I want to use normal or Ultra if hard is meant to be the new standard and is their any down side to using ultra if this is meant to be the best?

    4. Is this setting equivalent to boost setting on SRS/ROYAL which has never really been explained properly in the manuals (at least I never understood :)).

    5. Does GPS work the same way from soft to ultra?

    Sorry for these questions but I think your customers deserve a better explanation then I can find so far, which is very little. I have three Mercurey in my models and want to know how is this upgrade going to improve matters and what, if anything, was wrong before.

    Thank you for your time.

    Ok thank you Richard. The GPSII is working but I cannot say for sure it was logged on before I started test flight asssistant as it does take a minute or so to get a signal. I ll check next time for steady green light and try again. I did not think the GPS would have such an effect on gain during setup. This says to me there is a risk that any gain set before the GPS has logged in could be too high leading to trouble when the GPS is logged in as I found if not corrected. Maybe software could disable tthe est fly assistant if a GPS is connected but not logged on, or a message to confirm GPS logged on if fitted?

    Kind regards


    Dear Richard,

    I have used the test fly assistant to set up igyros with Royal, Mercury and SRS so am reasonably familiar and had no major problems before. Today I was setting up Powerbox Champion with igryo SRS and GPSII (sbus connections). Everything ran smoothly on the ground test run . Repeating the test fly assistant in the air, we saw no oscillations at all (even with gain turned up to 100%), first for aileron and then elevator etc , completing the test fly assistant. So I turned off the gyro (mode 1) and landed thinking I had not run the test fly properly before taking off. I checked the settings and indeed the gyro showed 100% gains for ailerons elevator as set in the test flight so the gain was being recognised during the test and stored in the gyro but having no effect on the model control surfaces.

    I switched the model off and back on again and could see moving the model the gyro working the control surfaces with a lot of movement due to the high gain setting. I know that 100% gain is possible on some unresponsive models requiring the x4 setting on the igyro but I did not believe it was right for my model and that it would even fly with such high gyro gain. So to prove this I had another flight with the gain settings as set iby the test flight assistant during the previous flight and briefly turned on the gyro (mode 2) and the model reacted with violent oscillations as I expected.

    So my question is what will cause igyro to ignore the gain setting during test fly assistant, all the way up 100%, even though the igyro has registered the gain ?

    Why do you think the igyro did not repond to the gain set during test fly but did so after switching the power off and on again?

    During test fly assistant, does the gain settings and hence gyro effect at each step remain active while the next setting as completed i.e is say set aileron gyro active when elevator gain is being set up or is only the current gain setting active?

    Thanks for any ideas. Maybe I did something wrong but I thought I would check if this has happened before or what could cause it to happen.


    I received my Powerbox back today with new sensor all working perfectly now with no drift. Thanks for a fantastic backup service, all in less than a week back to UK and very low cost!

    Please can you confirm that the factory default boost setting should be 0 for both normal and heading flight modes.

    Is it correct that even after turning flight gain to 100% in fight assistant does not cause a model to oscillate, I need to consider a higher boost setting and test fly again?

    Can you confirm that if I set crow (airbrake) on aileron will this mean a) that heading mode is no longer active as the aileron is no longer in centre position and b) normal mode will also be less effective?

    Thank you

    Yes I understand that. The model is perfectly still on the table after switching on the powerbox and gyro. The servo starts to drift slowly straight away in mode 2 or 3 . If I zero the gyro, again keeping plane still, it makes no difference and the servos drifts.

    PS the unit was sent to Powerbox about six months ago to be checked/serviced (not for this problem but just to check all OK before I installed in new model) and came back reporting no faults found. The serial number 109248 (also stickers on back with 4494 and blue circle) Thank you

    Hello Richard

    I am experiencing the servos slowly drifting when the model is perfectly still and gyro active. As soon as I move the control stick the servo for that control will centre but after a few seconds the servo starts to drift if I leave the stick alone. It happens in both normal and heading mode but not off course when the gyro is off . It seems worse the higher the gain setting.

    I have flown the model (the gains are quite high at between 60-80%). It happens only with the elevator and rudder servos which are S bus servos (futaba) connected using powerbox S-Bus connectors and leads to Sbus output on the Royal (It makes no difference which output). I have no trouble with the same Sbus aileron servos that are on the other Sbus output.

    The Royal manual does mention this could happen but says zeroing the gyro should solve it which it does not. I have the igyro srs and Mercury SRS in other models and on these the control surfaces are perfectly still at normal gain settings when model is stationary and gyro active.

    Everything else for the Royal gyro is as per the software default.

    Any ideas?