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    Hello i am ready to maiden my Rebel Pro with ENLINK (2xREX3 +900Mhz) all us setup right but after the setup with igyro assistant i see that Royal see the gain channel correctly (i set from tx pot 20 gain on normal and HH for starting) but of i use the pot later not in setup i see no change in royal lcd.

    The FM mode change works ok but the gain is set to normal 20 heading 10 (why not 20??) on boh FM 2 and FM3.

    I use ds24 and firmware all the last ones.

    Let me know thanks

    Hello i have bought a used plane and it has the Powerbox Competition and i see it has v12 firmware. I will install my Jeti rx so it would be nice to have jeti telemetry. Is it possible to update from v12 to last v15 with USB adapter? I'm asking this because i see bootloader integrated as a note on v13 update.

    Also i see my powerbox is missing door sequencer and on servo matching i don't have reverse function, in fact the previous owner used 2 separate rx channels for elevators but i want to use only one and match them with powerbox unit.

    Let me know thanks