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    Because you cannot understand French, you didn’t understood that Marco had time to land in emergency condition thanks to telemetry with half of remaining control

    Very lucky !!!

    Unfortunately, I think Marco expected same servo protection than me

    It is our big fault, we didn’t read notice in detail

    You explained that this protection is impossible

    As I understood, Marco want to believe in selling argument of other device ( fuse on each channel )

    From my side, I will simplify my installation ( remove electronical failure risk of power supply )

    But please don’t misunderstand, we never said that powerbox is a bad product

    We just said that they don’t match with what we expected

    Thanks again for your help and see you again with powerbow when I will need

    Hello dbubled,

    I try to reply with objectivity

    « 1. Power Box like for example Mercury can monitor your dual receiver situation ( Fades, Hold and Failsafe)

    Of corse it depands on your RC System but not all RC TX Receiver combination can provide this information. Clearly a security feature »

    I think that now, all good radio brand can manage this double receiver ?

    As you said, monitoring is not security because I don’t want to know that I lost the signal or that a servo failed

    I only want to escape signal lost or prevent servo failure by fuse :)

    « 2. Servo matching. A security and opperation feature »

    We are now in 2018, all radio can do it

    With 12 channels or more

    « 3. Integrated gyro system with adaptive gain control via speed data. »

    I don’t want gyro, I only want safety in my radio installation :)

    But OK, I can accept this answer ;)

    Dear Richard,

    Many thanks for your quick answer

    I am so desapointed because I just understood that I spent almost 400€ in powerbox competition ( magnetic switch option ) for no more safety than my other planes

    I am used to utilize Jeti magnetic double switch + 2 Schotty diode + 2 Life pack + direct power from batteries to servo ( + and - wires )

    As I understood, this 100€ equippement is same or even more safe ( no regulator failure risk ) than a complicated box with much more electronical device

    For double receiver function, many brand can secure it without box, no ?

    Sorry to ask, but what is real output of a powerbox ?

    Telemetry => can be done by the radio control

    Screen => this is not safety

    Double receiver => can be done by the radio control

    Regulator => this is not safety

    Frame rate change ( 10ms~21ms ) => can be done by original radio control

    Best regard

    Sorry, to

    I have doubt... do there is any safety device on each chanel to prevent over amperange or short cut of one servo ?

    I saw on french forum an almost glider crash due to powerbox which didn t protect the electrical installation from servo failure

    I bought a powerbox to save my plane if there is servo failure

    But finally, if each chanel is not protected of a servo failure, I mistook my purchase :(

    Hello all,

    I am thinking to buy a second Powerbox competition SRS to install in a P47 Topflite 2m20 with DLE 55

    I already installed one in the same kind of plane ( Zero 2m20 with DLE 55 )

    I am very scared because I saw this message and seems that box + single cylinder 55cc in not so good idea :eek:

    Please any advise ?