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    The satellite cables have a high probability of causing this... the ends can fray easily where the wire is crimped into the connector. Over many years experience with Spektrum I have seen this frequently cause intermittent connectivity problems.

    You are in the right place but on the wrong screen within the menu. Where you see the iGyro Sat setup, use the arrows on the right and left of the screen to move through the menu. You want to be on the page where it says "General Settings" at the top. The "Data Out" setting can then be changed by using the arrows on the right hand side (<< / >>).


    Since you are in the US, I went ahead and installed the English voice package for you before I shipped it out. If you have any questions feel free to email me directly or call me at the shop.

    Yes, you will need to open up the radio.

    Yes, this happened because you deleted the demo model before having created a new model.

    There is plenty of memory, no need to delete the demo!

    Set up a telemetry widget for LQI and in the sensor setup menu screen that appears after you select the telemetry value, select "Alarm" ... There you will see the percentages in 4 boxes. For an alarm at under 30% set the low end on the left to 30% and select the notification vibration / sound below it.

    The second part of the question was do you plug-in both receivers into the P squared bus or just one do you have to plug the second receiver into the data bus

    The photo you shared above is the full support mode which is only used if you have sent it in for the update.

    For compatibility mode (update via the Terminal) you will set both receivers to SBUS data output and connect both via the FastTrack/Data out to the RX1/RX2 of the Royal/Champion. Then the Tele out of the unit goes to the P2 port on one of the receivers with no Y-harness. This is shown in the other photo from the guide Richard has posted...

    It would be great if the 2 videos above could be translated or subtitled in English as they are excellent and invaluable for starting out with the Core.

    Thank you. Michael


    I've done a video to teach the basics of the CORE Flightmodes in English for the PowerBox Americas CORE video series. Hopefully it will be finished in editing and posted in the next few days.

    If you use the proper trim mode it will only move at the low throttle end of the scale.

    Default is "Offset", you will want to change this to "Left" so that it does not affect the upper end of travel.

    For the turbines I have setup so far this works well:

    Set Trim Range to 25%

    Set Steps to 50% -- 4 trim clicks up to full trim for start and run and 4 trim clicks down to shut off the turbine

    Then "Learn RX" in your ECU

    You will be able to set for handling both 5.9 and 7.4 volts; the PowerBus and direct outputs have an A side and a B side that will maintain the separate voltages.

    If you want to have all of your PowerBus connected servos at 5.9v you will need to use a single side of the PowerBus output with a splitter inline

    to send one output to the wing splitter and the other to the tail hub.

    This would free up the other bank to provide 7.4v to anything directly connected to this bank at the Royal servo outputs.

    For example:

    Bank A set to 5.9v for the PowerBus system

    -you would need 2 splitters and 3 hubs using only the PowerBus A output side

    Bank B set to 7.4v for directly connected HV servos, smoke, and lights.

    You would need to use the USB adapter to reprogram the GPSII preset for Futaba for use with your Royal.

    The Futaba version simply comes pre-set for Futaba telemetry use, there is no other difference in the unit. Simply connect to the Terminal and select the "iGyro / Mercury SRS / Royal SRS" Telemetry System option, and in GPS Configuration select the "optimized for speed" option below it. The changes are automatically saved so you simply disconnect the GPSII once the selections are made and it's ready to use with your Royal.